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These Healing Crystals Can Help You Deal With Stress + Burnout


Aside from looking pretty, crystals can be wonderful for your well-being. They might just seem to be a ~new age~ trend, but crystals “act as conduits for healing—allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative energy flows out," according to Luke Simon, one of the founders of holistic healing center Maha Rose Center for Healing in Brooklyn, New York. Because of this, they’re an amazing aid for when you’re feeling stressed, tired, and burnt out. Below, we list crystals that make the best calming stones. 


This delicate blue cluster of crystals emanate tons of soft, positive energy. It can be used to clear your surroundings from bad juju and help calm and quiet your own fears and doubts. Display it in your bedroom to add tranquility to the space and to still your racing thoughts when you need to rest, or place it on your desk at work to deter feelings of stress.


As its name suggests, angelite contains the energy of the angels. Besides its calming, peaceful spirit, it can also help dispel fear when it comes to communication—so you can express yourself properly without feeling nervous and doubtful about what you have to say. Keep the powerful communication stone with you during a meeting—it will help you find confidence with your delivery and remove any doubts you might have about what you’re presenting.

Angelite contains the energy of the angels. CHAB OCAMPO

Black Tourmaline

Energy vampires like toxic co-workers and family members can suck all of the positivity out of you, so protect yourself from feeling drained with this protective stone. Black tourmaline can purify your environment and get rid of negative energy. It can also cleanse your body, relieving emotions like anger, fear, anxiety, and stress. Since it soaks up so much negativity, make sure to cleanse it regularly by holding it over running water, laying it under the sun, or smoking it out with healing herbs like sage. 


This multicolored stone is often associated with balance and clarity, so it could be a powerful healing stone to keep around you if you’re feeling out of sync with your surroundings. It can help clear the mind, so it’s especially helpful for times when you need to concentrate. If you’re overthinking, the stone can also help ground your thoughts and clear them of anything toxic and negative. 


This semi-precious stone is pretty common, but its healing benefits might not be known to many. Amethyst can help relieve stress and negativity while manifesting prosperity. It’s also a protective crystal, so it can shield you from the toxic thoughts of others. It relaxes the mind while sending out peaceful vibes to any aspect of your life that may need them. If stress and anxiety cause night terrors, keep it under your pillow so you can sleep peacefully.


While it’s commonly known as a stone of abundance and prosperity, citrine can also promote positivity. It has a light, happy energy that helps clear the mind and purge anything negative and toxic. It can also protect you from outside energies that could harm your state of mind. It’s the perfect stone to wear as a bracelet—it will remind you to be optimistic and help curb burn out. 

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Pink Opal

Is pink your favorite color? Us, too. This stone can help soothe the heart, especially if it’s heavy from stress and anxiety. Its brings tranquility and peace to your aura, so not only will you feel relaxed, you can help others calm down as well. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, touch the stone and concentrate on it. It vibrates at a low, gentle frequency, so it’s a great tool to use when you need some grounding.

Smoky Quartz

Did you know soldiers used to carry smoky quartz when they would go into battle? That’s because it has powerful protective properties that can keep bad fate away. While you might not be fighting for your life in a war, you could be dealing with an emotional struggle within yourself. Smoky quartz is said to help feelings from taking over thoughts, so you can stay focused and not let stress get the best of you. 


This red rock is both energizing and healing. It can heal emotional problems from stress and anxiety, as well as give off a protective and calming vibe. It’s a great stone to have if you’re going through a crisis because it helps balance your thoughts and uplift your attitude. With it, you’ll feel like you can conquer even the most stressful situations.

This red rock is both energizing and healing. PHOTO: CHAB OCAMPO

Blue Lace Agate

While it’s not a stone of protection, blue lace agate provides emotional support and healing to those who need it. Its mesmerizing pattern and calming color have a positive effect on the mind, and it also gives off an uplifting energy. Stress can often cause you to say things you don’t mean, but blue lace agate can help you communicate properly without angry feelings and negative emotions—perfect for when you and your boss are discussing hot topics at work. 

Blue lace agate provides emotional support and healing to those who need it. PHOTO: CHAB OCAMPO

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