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All The Plants We Love In Heart Evangelista's Stylish Home

A quick look at Heart Evangelista's plant collection at home.
PHOTO: instagram/iamhearte

If you pay close attention to the background of Heart Evangelista's Instagram photos, you'll notice that her home is stylishly peppered with houseplants! Like many other celebs, the actress has gotten into gardening during the quarantine. 

Take a look at her plant collection below: 

This lounging nook in Heart's home looks so relaxing. Here, she displays a fiddle leaf fig, a type of indoor tree that thrives best with bright, filtered light. 

You can also spot this charming tree in her dining area!


Heart's attic-turned-closet has a mini balcony, which she recently spruced up with a huge rubber tree and an adorable snake plant. What's nice about these houseplants is that they both require little maintenance

The actress spruces up a bare corner with a mini monstera deliciosa.

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How gorgeous are these dried flowers from Pretty Withered? You can also spot three floor plants by her main entrance, one of which appears to be a swiss cheese plant! 

Heart also keeps a sleek rubber tree inside her home. 

If you really can't keep plants alive, the actress has a simple solution: Why not decorate your home with artificial plants and trees? This fake plant which she got from Flourish almost looks real!


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