Here's How You Can Win At Life

Save the date: Something big is happening on June 6th!
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Every fun, fearless Cosmo Girl knows that #WinningAtLife starts with the will to achieve more.

You don't get to beat tough deadlines if you are not determined that you can. You never say, "I want to see the world," yet refuse to go on spontaneous road trips. If you want a fit body, working your ass off in the gym is a non-negotiable. To win at life, you have to begin and keep on moving, NOW!

But as Cosmo Girls, our ultimate goal is to go further in life without sacrificing the fun! We are at our most fearless when we dare to go beyond the ordinary and enjoy the freedom to move and sway to wherever life may take us.

This winning attitude of a CG takes a great amount of confidence—even on days when we are not in tip-top shape, or worse, when we are PMS-ing (ugh). It's the reason why we choose Whisper. It gives us 12-hour protection against back leaks, allowing us to #WERQIT and make our fun, fearless life possible!

Whisper, in partnership with Cosmo, wants you to celebrate fun and fearlessness along with other Pinays! Head over to Skye tomorrow and discover ways to go further in life—we're covering travel, fitness, beauty and even investments! Aside from pampering booths to make every attendee feel special, the Cosmo editors—together with Cosmo's Fun Fearless Females for 2015, Natasha Bautista and April Cuenca—will share life advice and practical tips to help us be the best version of ourselves. Make sure to bring four of your friends and your copy of Cosmo's June 2015 issue to get inside the venue!

Our mantra for the month: Go further by pushing yourself! See ya at Skye.

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