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15 Reasons Why Your High School Friends Are Forever

You made VERY regrettable fashion choices together, but now live to tell the tale.
PHOTO: Disney/High School Musical 3

1. They know your first and sobrang embarrassing email, Multiply, Y!M, and other pre-Facebook usernames by heart.

These are things you don’t exactly tell your college friends. Even your boyfriend doesn’t know you went by the name of mIdniGhT_dReaMer016 once upon a time. These bits of information are reserved only for the people who saw you grow boobs.

2. You went through puberty together, which pretty much keeps you bonded #4lyf.

You saw each other transition from pimpled, ugly ducklings to the kickass, sobrang ganda—or so you'd like to think—women that you are today.

3. You grew up together, so they're not friends; they're family.

You had a massive crush on Anna’s kuya when you were 13. You also had no problems accepting her mom’s Facebook friend request.

4. You know each other’s ex-crushes, flings, boyfriends, and the wala langs—all of them!

“Remember when you dated—” is always a fun way to start conversations. (#No #WagNaLangPls)

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5. You have enough embarrassing stories of each other to create a book.


6. The amount of inside jokes and code names you have is ridiculous.

If only your high school teachers knew what you called them then, you would’ve been expelled.

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7. You made VERY regrettable fashion choices together, but now live to tell the tale.

Visors during sports fests, baby tees, flared jeans, and RUBBER SHOES, anyone? Don’t forget the dangling earrings!

8. They were the first group of people who didn’t judge you.

They welcomed your brace-faced 13-year-old self into their little barkada and were fine with it.

9. They literally know everything about you.

They know things your college friends will never know: your first breakup, the time you lost your lolo to cancer, and that moment your parents' marriage was officially annulled, among many other heartbreaks. They were there to love and support you, and they still do now.

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10. You keep embarrassing photos from high school.

You never know when Bea’s debut photos will come in handy. #SaKasal #JokeLang

11. You have no boundaries.

You've had too many sleepovers growing up that you no longer care about going braless around each other now that you’re older.

12. They keep you grounded.

Your high school besties remind you where you started. *feels*

13. Catching up is ALWAYS the best.

You look forward to your get-togethers, because it means that you get to fill each other in on the latest chismis about your lives. (And the lives of the people you all went to school with.) "OMG! Did you hear Martina got a new nose?"

14. The fact that you chose to stay friends even after high school and college means something.

As you get older, you learn that you get to decide which friends you want to keep around.

15. They’ll ALWAYS feel like home.

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And you know you’ll be each other’s bridesmaids. High school forever! 

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