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Fur Parents, Please Don't Do This To Your Pet During The Holidays

You're not doing your dog or cat any favors if you do this.
PHOTO: Africa Studio / Shutterstock

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Indulging in your favorite Noche Buena dishes is one of the most anticipated parts of the holiday season. And if you’ve got your menu planned and ready, remember to keep any leftovers away from your pet.

Yes, it’s difficult to resist offering your cat or dog the food it has been eyeing on the dining table. But the fact is, human food is just not good for your furry BFF’s health and well-being. To know more, read on:

Certain kinds of human food are toxic to pets

FYI, your pets' nutritional needs differ from yours. Not only does human food lack specific nutrients that cats and dogs need every day, but in some cases, it can be toxic to them.

Some examples are fatty food, chocolate, coffee, onions, raw potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, grapes, and raisins — and as you know most of these are in your favorite Noche Buena recipes.

Human food can cause health problems

Your Noche Buena food scraps may be too rich for cats and dogs due to the food’s fatty or fried nature. And while some dishes may appear nutritious, these could be hard for your pets to digest. This means that the essential nutrients your cat or dog needs still won’t be absorbed. Even worse, pets eating human food unfit for them can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and severe conditions like pancreatitis.

Giving pets leftovers can lead to weight gain or behavior issues

Feeding your beloved pets table scraps encourages bad behavior, such as begging. Excessively giving them food as a reward or on a whim also confuses their routine. Aside from this, it can also contribute to your pets' weight gain.

This holiday season, instead of giving in to those cute, puppy eyes or sweet, kitty purrs, continue to give your pets the tailored nutrition they need, such as those created by the trusted pet food brand Royal Canin.

Royal Canin understands that every cat or dog is unique and so are its needs. The brand takes a pet-first approach during the research, development, and production of its pet food products. It takes into consideration your pet’s breed, size, age, lifestyle, and health sensitivities. This is why the nutrient content, palatability, digestibility, and even kibble size and shape of every Royal Canin pet food are tailored to your pet's needs. 

Don’t let merrymaking affect the way you take care of your pets. Keep your dog or cat happy and healthy this holiday season with Royal Canin.

Shop Royal Canin pet food products on Lazada or Shopee. Learn more about Royal Canin by visiting its website and following the brand on Facebook.

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