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Your Monthly Horoscope For May Is Here

Including an eclipse *and* Mercury Retrograde.

Happy May! Astrologically, we're right in the middle of Taurus season—a chill, low-key time of year—but there is plenty of cosmic drama coming up in the weeks ahead. Namely, both eclipse season AND another Mercury Retrograde. Let's get into it!

First, the Sun and Moon align in Taurus on May 11, forming a New Moon in Taurus. Then, on May 13, Jupiter enters Pisces for the first time since 2010. Yeah, it's been a minute! Jupiter is in its domicile in Pisces—a fancy astrological way of saying that it feels particularly comfy in that sign—so we can expect to see Jupiter's influence extra strongly during this time. Jupiter is the planet of luck, growth, and expansion, so this is a very good thing!

Soak up those Taurus vibes while you can, because the much faster-paced Gemini season begins on May 20. And less than a week later, on May 26, we experience a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius and eclipse season 2021 officially begins! Eclipses are when time "speeds up," so expect a very busy few weeks—hopefully the good kind of busy.

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But the month's not over yet! On May 29, the second Mercury Retrograde of 2021 begins as Mercury begins moving backwards in Gemini. Expect travel delays, communication mishaps, and tech issues, but remember, Mercury Retrograde isn't all bad—it's also the perfect time to review, reflect, and even relax.

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It's now the month of May, your birthday season is over, and it's time to assess the damage. Yes, I'm talking about your bank account. Perhaps you went a little too hard on the online shopping. Whatever it was, this month is about getting a grip on your wallet. The New Moon in Taurus on May 11 aligns both the Sun (symbolizing external truths) with the Moon (representing emotional experiences) in the area of your chart associated with finances. This is an excellent lunation to set a budget, learn about different investing strategies, or even pick up a few odd jobs to increase your cash flow. 

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It's your birthday, babe! Celebratory energy will be enhanced when the Moon joins the party on May 11, forming a dynamic New Moon in your own sign. This lunation is an opportunity to align your emotions with your actions. Remind yourself that flowers aren't the only thing in bloom—you, too, are thriving. So mark this day on your calendar—this is a wonderful moment to do something extra special that speaks directly to your soul! After the year we've had, you deserve it!

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The first major celestial happening of the month occurs on May 11, when the Sun and Moon meet in Taurus, forming a New Moon in the area of your chart associated with the subconscious realm. You might try to resist the urge to rest, but I'm telling you to seize the opportunity to relax, restore, and recharge. Whether you're taking a nice, hot shower, indulging in your favorite Netflix series, or journaling your thoughts in a notebook, the New Moon is the only down time you'll have this month. Lean into the chill because things are about to get wild.

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No matter the situation, you always know how to hype up your closest companions through encouragement, support, and (occasionally) bottomless mimosas. When the Sun and Moon join forces on May 11, you'll feel even more inclined to tap into your innate compassion. Amplify it and channel it on a macro level. During this New Moon, the luminaries will be activating the area of your chart associated with social justice, activism, and expanded community, so consider ways you can scale your care. Because tbh, although there's nothing wrong with comforting your friend after a shitty Tinder date, there are ways you can harness your incredible listening skills to effect even broader change. Don’t be afraid to expand your reach.

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For you, shining brightly is a non-negotiable. When the Sun and Moon meet in Taurus on May 11, forming a New Moon in the area of your chart associated with career and legacy, you have an opportunity to radiate your Leo dynamism. Whether you're sprucing up your resume or preparing to launch a brand new YouTube channel, don't be afraid to set big intentions around this lunation. Lights, camera, action!

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You've been keeping your head down and playing by the rules, but on May 11, when the Sun and Moon meet in Taurus (a like-minded earth sign), forming a New Moon in the area of your chart associated with expansion and exploration, you'll feel inspired to switch things up in a major way. Adventure awaits, Virgo darling! Don't be afraid to set big intentions. Yes, it may take time to achieve all your goals, but with the New Moon on your side, even the grandest ambitions may be realized a lot sooner than you expected. 

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Mediation comes naturally to you, Libra. You can resolve even the messiest conflicts, but on May 11, when the Sun and Moon meet in Taurus, forming a velvety New Moon in the area of your chart associated with intimacy and intensity, you'll realize that some situations do not have neat solutions. In fact, this powerful lunation serves as a reminder that tension is an important expression and there's a difference between healing and avoidance. Don't be afraid to sit in your feelings—no matter how uncomfortable they may feel—to really connect with the depth of your experience. You're allowed to have all types of feelings, including anger, frustration, jealousy, and sorrow. By acknowledging the full scope of your emotions, you empower yourself to evolve—and, at the end of the day, your unique journey is defined by extraordinary transformation.

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Happy (half) birthday, Scorpio darling! On May 11, the Sun and Moon will join forces in Taurus' sky, forming a powerful New Moon in your relationship sector—does this mean you’re ready to get serious? Single scorpions may find themselves doubling-down on dating apps, while already anchored arachnoids will take their bonds to the next level. But this isn't just about matters of the heart: Something is becoming official at the beginning of this month so make sure it's built to last!

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You're fueled by curiosities, wanderlust, and passion, which means you're always on the run. But what about…your dirty laundry? Or those dishes piling up in your sink? Or that electricity bill? I'm sorry to say, Sagittarius, but these mundane duties are also your responsibility. You still need to make sure you're tending to your tasks at hand. The New Moon Taurus on May 11 illuminates the area of your chart connected to structures, routines, and schedules, so this is an excellent time to ensure that nothing has slipped through the cracks. Make a to-do list, get yourself organized, and then you can continue to explore.

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Capricorn is symbolized by the sea-goat: A mythological creature that can traverse both land and sea, illustrating the way you can navigate both terrestrial responsibilities and submerge deep within the emotional landscape. This duality speaks to your incredible artistic spirit and, on May 11, when the Sun and Moon align to form a New Moon in Taurus—activating the area of your chart associated with creativity, passion, and pleasure—you'll identify with your more abstract sensibilities. Embrace your playful sensibilities. This is about having fun!

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Caring about so many issues can actually be a bit paralyzing: Where do you start? Thankfully, during the New Moon in Taurus on May 11, you're going to know exactly what you need to address and, believe it or not, it's much closer than you realized: your own family. You're presented with a unique opportunity to open challenging conversations with relatives, set new boundaries on the home front, or even process painful childhood memories through the help of a therapist or metaphysical practitioner. This is the last lunation before eclipse season kicks off later this month so be sure to lean into the magic of this dark and velvety New Moon. This is about planting seeds, so don't be afraid to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. I promise it will be worth your while.

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This is a brand new month and, tbh, you're actually enjoying the energetic shifts. On May 11, the Sun and Moon meet in Taurus, forming a brilliant New Moon that's all about fortifying your community. You'll feel inspired to connect with friends, colleagues, and classmates. There's no doubt that the past year has been extremely isolating, and under this sky, you'll feel compelled to step back safely into the world. But be careful: You often process others' emotions, so make sure you're not conflating your internal truths with others' feelings. Don’t worry, you got this!

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