Here's Your Horoscope For The Week Of November 11

What are the stars saying this week?

This week, the Taurus full moon rises in the sky, reminding us to see our goals through, stand our ground, and take action. While career may be the focus for most this week, it’s important to work through relationship tension, too.


Shift your focus to career this week—the Taurus full moon is bringing you a ton of amazing gigs. Whether that’s a raise, your 13th month pay, a promotion, or a sudden spike in sales, it’s time to resist the urge to downplay. You’ve worked hard all year for this and you deserve the rewards that are coming to the table. A word of caution—don’t let the good vibes end here. Play up to your good points and sell yourself so the cash cow continues to moo ‘til 2020 rolls in.

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Sometimes, you can get less-than-enthusiastic about your place under the spotlight, Taurus. Now is not the time to be tamad. Soak up the attention that’s shining on you—it’s your sign’s full moon, after all! If someone’s pointing out how successful you’ve been, stand up, acknowledge that you’ve done a lot of good stuff, and keep making things happen for yourself. Nothing’s going to happen if you continue to sit on your butt. Set those goals and watch how the Universe responds.

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When was the last time you felt really, genuinely happy in your work? It’s a big question to face during this current Mercury retrograde season. It’s easy to get distracted by what could be better that you forget to make good of whatever it is you’ve actually got. Be more mindful about how you infuse happiness into your everyday work routine. Instead of whining, complaining, or giving in to “the grass is greener” thoughts, stick to finding greatness in the present. 

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If you want this new relationship to last, you’re going to have to look for substance in your partner. If you’re both in it just for temporary thrills, ‘wag na lang. You don’t need a band-aid relationship to cover up some void that hasn’t been filled or some breakup you’re still reeling over. If you’re going to add a new love to your history of relationships, it may as well be something serious. Beware of your tendency to skirt around someone’s red flags just because you’re desperate for intimacy.

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Your heart swells up this week—so much so, that you’re willing to forgive the people you love even when they don’t deserve it. The stars congratulate you on your extreme kindness, but also warn you to take those blinders off. It’s time to switch over to head over heart mode, as your feelings can play tricks on you. ‘Wag magpaloko! Loyalty to people doesn’t necessarily mean you should look past their faults, especially when those faults put your own heart at risk.

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Surrender your need to justify, calculate, and put everything in neat, little boxes. This full moon is inviting you to tap into your imagination and start envisioning how you want your New Year to look like. Forget budgets, reality checks, and consequences—just let your heart go and your dreams flow. It’s not going to be easy and this simple daydream exercise may make you feel like you’re about to self-destruct, but do it anyway. Hindi masama mangarap.

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As you move into the Taurus full moon, you’re being asked to consider money matters. And we’re not talking retail therapy here (sorry, Libra). It’s time to tune into investments, savings, and yield. Basically, you need to get serious with how you’re going to grow your wealth so that you can slip into 2020 a little more stable and secure than you are right now. Figure out which assets mean the most to you, figure out how to grow them, and get rid of whatever’s bleeding your money pit dry.

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If you’ve been working on self-love over the last couple of months, good for you. It’s probably been tougher than you think, so you deserve a pat on the back. As we move into the Taurus full moon, you’re being invited to move into your next love challenge, however. Relationships namantama na ang self-love. If you’re single right now, take some risks when it comes to finding someone. If you’re seeing someone or are in a committed relationship, focus on pleasure for both you and your partner. 

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Stand your ground, Sagittarius. Show them that your motto this week is, “Walang kokontra.” You need to really be strong in your will to get through this Taurus full moon, because naysayers and generally nega people may come along to prove you wrong. Be especially wary of this energy in your work environment. Politics may come into play and some people who want to get ahead may do so at your expense. Show them that no one takes a Sag for a fool.

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What and who you love, loves you back. The stars are giving you permission to ditch anyone who doesn’t get you, appreciate you, or support you. Your inner circle is especially important to you this week, so make sure to spend time with them. Even if everyone’s busy and you can’t actually meet up in person, spend some time reviving your Viber chat group or scheduling your Christmas get-together in advance. We don’t give our peeps enough credit sometimes. It’s time for you to change this.

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Emotions could take over right now, and you might want to kick yourself for it. Okay lang yan. Sometimes, we need to throw ourselves pity parties even if it does feel self-indulgent, ridiculous, and embarrassing. You spend so much of your time downplaying yourself because you know there are other things more important than whatever drama’s playing out in your life. Give in a little and give yourself an MMK-worthy cryfest. You’ll feel better after.

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Newsflash, not everything that’s going on is a life or death catastrophe now. If you’re seeing some relationship drama play out, just let things happen and see where everything takes you. Life’s hard enough as it is, you don’t need to lay another layer of pressure to your situation. Kaya mo ‘yan. If you have to, surround yourself with people who have your back just so you don’t feel like the world is falling to pieces. You’ll live to face another day.

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