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Your Horoscope For The Week Of November 23

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.

Overview: The Moon is busy this week! Your intuition’s accuracy will be off the charts on Monday under the Moon-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Tension and passion could run high on Wednesday, when the Moon conjuncts Mars in Aries. On Friday, the Moon conjoins Uranus in Taurus, giving us grounding after a high-energy week. Neptune Retrograde ends in Pisces on Saturday, helping us see a situation more clearly.


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Pump the breaks, Aries! Monday helps you slow down and pay attention to your instincts and intuition. A Mars-Moon conjunction in Aries on Wednesday gives you the energy to be and do all that you want! The Moon-Uranus conjunction on Friday helps you find embodiment and self-care, and Neptune direct in Pisces on Saturday clarifies your spirituality and healing. Find contexts for closure.

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Check in on your friends, Taurus! Socialization and digital reunions are on your agenda for Friday. Wednesday’s energy wants you to take a mini sabbatical for self-care, while Friday’s Moon-Uranus conjunction in your sign gives you your energy, passion, and power back. You’ll have an accurate view of your friends, for better or worse, when Neptune Retrograde ends on Saturday.


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You’re the MVP, Gemini! Monday gives you ambition, resilience, and efficiency on the job. On Wednesday, speak your truth, empathetically. Friday’s energy inspires JOMO—the joy of missing out. Stay home! Neptune Retrograde ends in your career zone on Saturday, giving you creativity on the job.


You know better, Cancer! Monday inspires you to do better because you know better. You may feel some feelings about home and family on Wednesday—be sure to keep an open heart. Friday’s social energy puts connection, friendship, and joy in the air. Neptune Retrograde ends on Saturday, giving you an action plan on self-improvement.

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You’re a kitty cat in heat, Leo! You’re feeling intimate, sexy, and longing for deeper connections. Wednesday inspires you to share your inner desires with people who genuinely need to hear it. Friday gives you creative breakthroughs and efficiency for professional success. Neptune Retrograde ends in your intimacy zone on Saturday, giving you a holistic view of your connections.

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Monday date night, Virgo? Connect with bae on Monday in soulful, romantic, and imaginative ways. Err on the side of responsibility on Tuesday and avoid habits that don’t work well. A fantastic idea visits you on Friday, so take action on it! Neptune Retrograde ends in your romance zone on Sunday, helping you connect more meaningfully.

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Keep your eye on the ball, Libra! Monday helps you focus on the little details that have a big influence. On Tuesday, say what’s acceptable and what’s not for boundary success. Friday reveals a meaningful truth and an erotic energy (*wiggles eyebrows*). Neptune Retrograde in your routine zone ends on Saturday, helping you get grounded.

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You’re radiant, Scorpio. Monday gives you the confidence and self-compassion to do brave things. Tuesday helps you understand trustworthiness in a big way and asks you to speak out. Friday’s a romantic night, so find an innovative, sensual way to connect. Neptune Retrograde ends on Saturday, helping you regulate perfectionism, comparison, and scarcity.

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Happy Birthday, Sag! Monday reunites you with your family (chosen, family of origin, or both) for emotional support. Tuesday wants you to apply a new lesson to your behavior. On Friday, choose a wellness strategy that promotes inner peace. Neptune Retrograde ends on Saturday, helping you find belonging and safety with home and family, in whatever form that takes in 2020.

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Use your words, Cap! Monday gives your clear articulation, so take advantage and speak out. A work boundary may need to be declared on Tuesday; assume good intentions but let your boss/coworkers know where your line is. An open-hearted Friday helps you share your inner world bravely. Neptune Retrograde ends on Saturday, and so does the miscommunication and fog brain.

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Treat yourself, Aquarius! Monday wants you to indulge in pleasure, self-care, and joy. On Tuesday, you’ll courageously speak about power dynamics to people who need to hear it. Reunite (safely) with all the people and places that feel like home on Friday, and celebrate each other. Neptune Retrograde ends on Saturday in your safety zone, helping you clarify “security."

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The Moon shines for you, Pisces! Lead with your heart, love, and soul on Monday. Stay grounded on Tuesday, so you can dream bigger. Friday helps you connect with curiosity and healing. Neptune Retrograde ends in Pisces on Saturday, helping you move forward with your life.


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