PSA: Here's Your Horoscope For The Week Of October 14

What are the stars saying?

We’ve just experienced the Aries Full Moon last weekend, which urges us to blaze trails, surge forward, and move out of our comfort zones. Before leaping straight into the next project, relationship, or destination, it’ll be wise to heed what the stars have to say.


Wake up and smell the coffee. Instead of fixating on some ideal person who—let’s be honest—isn’t going to be manifesting out of thin air anytime soon, make time for people who hold your heart right here, right now. If someone out of the box seems even remotely interesting to you, give it a chance and see where it goes. Resist the urge to overthink—unless, of course, this attraction is getting in the way of more important things like a prior commitment or an actual relationship.

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Change may not come easy to you but the recent Aries Full Moon is egging you on. You do not want to be lingering too long in your pain—maybe you’ve grieved long enough and it’s time to get proactive and start picking up the pieces. When cutting ties with a past hurt, you may have a tendency to overthink the process. Don’t. Letting go is tough but when you’re ready, you’re ready. It’s time to write a new story for yourself. There’s beauty in the unfamiliar.

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You may be tempted to leave whatever you’ve been working on for a while now—maybe a relationship or a project that’s been taking up all your time. Shiny object syndrome can be hard to resist! Before heading off in the direction of the next new thing that comes along, consider how much time you’ve put into what you may be tempted to leave behind. Commitment doesn’t always have to be a big, heavy weight if you can delight in how much growth and maturity it’s cultivated in you.

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It may be wise to be a little more selective about who you give your Cancer TLC to this week. Dishing out some love, kindness, and compassion is always a good thing, but not everybody who receives your care is as deserving as others. It’s not always “what you see is what you get” with people, so before cracking your heart open and letting all your feelings flow, do a little more digging, investigating, and researching. If the person in question proves their worth then at least you left no stone unturned.

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You may feel fiercely combative this week—tempers are flammable and the littlest things seem to be setting you off. When you find your internal fire getting a little too hot, switch gears and know that you can surround yourself with like-minded folks (maybe fellow fire signs will do the trick!) who won’t push your buttons. If you feel the itch to fan the flames, try to hold back and approach your antagonists calmly and as diplomatically as you can.

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A Virgo—tense and stressed out? Shocker! The need to unwind becomes extra important this week as everybody seems to be up in your business, contributing to the mountain of stress that you’ve been tackling for the last couple of weeks now. It’s time to switch off before you combust. Protect your energy. Spend some time away from the gadgets, go off the grid even for just a couple of hours, and give yourself the mental spa your headspace is begging for.

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Time to give your most important relationships some extra thought this week—especially if your partner, best friend, or fur baby has been left on the wayside because you’ve just been too busy with work. The recent Aries Full Moon isn’t just saying that you need to clock in some hours for your relationship—it means you really need to do the work. That means ironing out disagreements, figuring out whether it’s time to take the next step, or actually defining the relationship. Deep breaths, Libra.

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As we approach Scorpio season (just a few more days now!), your spidey senses begin to heighten. You’re already adept at spotting people’s BS, but this week? You’ll be so attuned that you can give up your job right now and become a secret agent. If you’re on to someone’s bad juju and you believe it’ll benefit everyone else to call them out, then do it. Start a fire if you have to—the rest of your social circle is relying on your Scorpio powers.

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If people aren’t getting on board with you at work, it’s okay to feel bad. Things do need to get done on a deadline, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take an hour to: a. be really annoyed even if it’s so not you, b. eat your feelings because you feel so unsupported, or c. cry. Get all the negativity out of your system and like a true Sagittarius, allow that perpetual optimism seep right back into your spirit. If you can’t find backers within your current team, find your pep squad somewhere else.

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As we head into the final months of the year, you’re itching to make big plans for 2020. However, this recent Aries Full Moon in reminding you that you still need to blaze through October, November, and December before setting your sights too far on the future. Know that whatever you do right now—this week, even­—can strongly affect whatever happens next year. Work on whatever you’ve got on your plate now and start building up to 2020 and you’ll get the kind of expansion you’re looking for.

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Introspection is key this week as big ideas come to a head with some self-esteem issues. It’s time to turn up the confidence by inspecting your life over the last couple of years. Identify the milestones you’ve struggled to get to, and those that have come easy. See how far you’ve come instead of how much more you need to accomplish. Sometimes, all we have to do is switch our perspective to change our personal narrative. Your job now is to see yourself for your strengths instead of your weaknesses.

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Your intuition reaches an all-time high this week as you see things you only imagined and felt internally before begin to manifest IRL. Lean into your heightened psychic abilities this week and really trust your gut. The veil begins to thin as we inch towards the end of the month—this means that your sensitivity to all things otherworldly is sharper than usual. You can totally use this to your advantage by using your peak perception to unravel and manifest any goals you want to achieve.

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