PSA: Here's Your Horoscope For The Week Of October 21

What are the stars saying?

There’s a deep emphasis on love on all fronts this week. Whether this means sparking up a romantic connection with someone surprising or being a more loving person at work (gasp!) or with the fam, it’s time to crack your heart wide open.


This week, you’re taking your mind off yourself and putting the spotlight on other people (yay you, Ms. Congeniality). You’re just a little more compassionate, a little more kind—and all that niceness shines through because people are loving you right back. Not only are you letting others through on your daily commute—unheard of for people who typically brace their way to score a coveted seat on the MRT—but you’re also being a more understanding partner to your SO. Congrats on getting on Santa’s “nice” list.

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If you think those best friends-turned-lovers movies don’t happen IRL, you’re going to be in for a huge surprise this week. Feel free to fan the flames of a long overdue romance (aminin mo, you’ve been wanting this to happen for a while now). If you and a friend have been skirting around the issue for a while now, or if you’ve been hiding behind a façade of BDE—big denial energy—it’s time to finally fess up and see how shifting a friendship can open you up to love.

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It doesn’t take too much effort for Geminis to talk other people’s heads off—you’re always prattling away about your life to anyone who cares to listen. This week, be more mindful about what you say—especially to the people who mean a lot to you. You don’t want the off-the-cuff comments to be misunderstood or taken badly, especially when your intention is to show someone you love them. Keep in your mind, too, that sometimes, words don’t mean anything unless they’re coupled with action.

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The only antidote to the bad juju that some people have given you this week is to take a step away from reality and indulge in some Me Time. Pull out all the stops this weekend—shut the curtains, turn the AC on, and load up your Netflix queue with all your Filipino rom-com guilty pleasures you know you want to watch (again). Cancer crabs sometimes need to crawl back into their shells in order to give themselves the self-care they need. Have fun and don’t forget the ice cream.

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It’s probably premature since the All Saints’ All Souls’ holidays aren’t until next week but we’re just going to say it—you deserve a break and so does your partner. The stars give you permission to play hooky, call in sick (even for just a day), and do a road trip to some super relaxing spot. Whether you want some spa time in breezy Tagaytay or want to head up north for some shore time in surf town. You owe yourselves a pre-holiday holiday just to raise the spirits, rest, and reconnect with each other.

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You know the climax of every romance—the part where the hero makes a run for it to the airport to catch someone before they fly off, or the part where the tight-lipped, super conservative hero cracks and finally bares it all? That’s you this week. The scales are about to tip and your uptight personally could give way to a big declaration of love. Change is in the air, Virgo! If you’ve been complaining about the inertia in your love life, now’s your chance to get things moving. We support you.

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Because you like to keep things pretty and balanced all the time, you get really uncomfortable when the feels take over. Unfortunately, you can’t completely regulate your heart 100 percent of the time and overpowering emotion can be a beast to deal with. Your challenge this week—whether you’re feeling rage at your boss, annoyance with your siblings, or extreme attraction for the former block mate you just saw on Bumble—is to confront the truth of your feelings. Start there and everything will be okay.

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It’s time to play up your role as Best Supporting Actress to someone in your life who’s going through a major thing. Scorpios are incredibly empowering when they want to be, and your positive vibes will do someone a lot of good as they move jobs, break up with their partner, or think about migrating. One, it just makes you feel good when you know you’re helping someone out. Two, maybe giving your friend some much-needed support will remind you that there’s still a lot of good left in this world.

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Vulnerability is coming through—you’re feeling extra-sensitive about people at work and though you’re trying to cover it up with your push lang, girl personality, but anxiety is building up. First, take a deep breath (and we mean this literally). Second, turn to someone who you know has your back and share your concerns. Putting words to all the emotions can be pretty cathartic—and so is a good cry. Third, remind yourself of all the times you pulled through before. You can do it again.

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You’re typically “all business, all the time”—but that’s not going to do you any favors this week, Capricorn. Let go of that stoic guard, the automatic defense mechanisms, and just let your heart come through. There’s a deep need for forgiveness in your life—maybe for people who have let you down in the past, for folks who are doing horrible things to you right now, and even for yourself. Everyone screws up from time to time—wala namang perfect—and know that it’s okay to give second chances.

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When was the last time you set up boundaries for yourself? If you’ve been letting people leech into your Google calendar (like parasites), if you’ve been giving away too much of your energy to help others but have not been getting any love back, then it’s time to draw the line. Things aren’t going to get better if you don’t stand up for yourself and say enough is enough. It may be harsh and it may hurt some people’s feelings, but it’s an act of self-love that you need to do for yourself.

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One too many times, our self-doubt prevents us from living bigger lives. Instead of focusing on the lack of self-esteem this week, give yourself a chance to dream up exactly what you’d like your life to be. Dream big, let yourself get carried away, and even if your big life fantasy makes you want to tell yourself “WTF?!?!?,” go imagine it anyway. Go stare self-doubt back in the face and give it a big, “Bakit ba?Your dreams are equivalent to all that potential that lives in you. Huge things can happen if you let them.

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