PSA: Here's Your Horoscope For The Week Of October 28

What are the stars saying?

Complicated relationships and group dynamics are left, right, and center with the Sun and Uranus opposition that’s occurring this week. Deal with whatever tension is thrown your way wisely by listening to what the stars have to say.


If you’ve been skirting around that credit card bill for weeks now, you’re going to have the face the music—like right now. Sure the “buy now, pay later” schemes are popping up left and there’s a pre-Christmas mall sale going on every weekend. But will it really do you good to pile on the debt right now, knowing that you’re already in the red? Dig yourself out of any money emergencies now and don’t let that telemarketer talk you into a credit-to-cash promo. You don’t need it.

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So your team at work hasn’t been the best, and you’ve been pinch-hitting for them all month-long. Are you going to whine about it to HR? Are you going to throw a tantrum until your boss throws a party in your honor? Nope. You’re going to suck it up and live up to the idea that there really is no I in team. Instead of throwing everyone under the bus right now, save the day with your smarts. Be the bayani you know you can be and know that payback time will come soon enough.

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As a Gemini, you can be pretty adept at playing politics and maneuvering your way around other people’s malicious intentions. This week, though, you may feel like you’re reaching burnout and have super low tolerance for everybody’s BS. Face it—sometimes it’s worth it to put up a good fight and other times, nakakapagod lang talaga. Give yourself some time and space to recharge without all the vitriol. It isn’t easy to live within today’s news cycle—you deserve a break.

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It’s time to thresh up your ability to empathize with everyone (and we mean everyone) as you tap into your diplomat prowess. At work, tempers could be flaring behind the scenes, and in your friend groups, disagreements could be blowing up. It’s time to mitigate and not let all this disarray turn into the equivalent of a Barretto catfight. Step in when you feel called to, and play referee so that everyone comes out of these disagreements with their respectability intact. Stay neutral, stay sane.

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Nobody wants to get in the way of a Leo whose buttons have been pushed and trigger points have been activated. Your frustration and annoyance with certain people have reached maximum—and it’s okay to feel that way. What’s not okay is for you to lash out, making everybody—including people not involved in this tricky situation—uncomfortable and awkward. Let yourself simmer down. Do whatever it takes—go back to your boxing trainer, sign up for a back-cracking chiro sesh, or call in sick.

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The thing about Virgos is that everyone can rely on them to tell the honest (and sometimes very brutal) truth. Your capacity to say what needs to be said is unbeatable, but sometimes not necessary. Pinoys can be notorious for beating around the bush, not wanting to hurt other people’s feelings—this is an extreme you don’t want to succumb to. At the same time, you also don’t want to go around blurting things out that could potentially ruin relationships or hurt others unnecessarily. Watch your tongue.

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Before you say yes to a project or sign a new contract at work, make sure that you read the fine print. ‘Wag kang pumayag na maisahan ka—especially when it comes to finances, salaries, taxes. Libras are pretty scrupulous and may sometimes expect everyone to be as forthright as they are. Reality is, not everyone’s going to be as upfront as you think they are! Protect yourself and have your lawyer friends look over any potential contracts three times over before you sign anything.

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When you’ve got a bad feeling about someone, your friends might easily tell you to dismiss it because nagmamalisya ka na naman. Trust your instincts—it’s currently your season and your Scorpio senses are at an all-time high. If you feel like somebody’s trying to unfairly one-up you—whether it’s in a romantic relationship or in your career—don’t let them get away with it. It’s time to lead with a “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me” frame of mind. You got this.

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If the new boss at work is unfairly piling on all the tasks because you seem so agreeable all the time, you’ve got a right to speak up and say you’ve had enough. Your general luck and good fortune will only take you so far—don’t tempt fate if you don’t have to! It’s one thing to be the good vibes person everyone can lean on at work, it’s another to be taken advantage of. You’ve been a team player for far too long—it’s time to prioritize yourself and your mental health.

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Despite everyone and their mother rallying against bullies, it’s still possible to encounter these strong-willed, often passive aggressive bullies in the wild. You’ve got to stand up for yourself, Capricorn. Don’t let anyone make you do things that you’re uncomfortable with and don’t agree with. If you’re feeling pressured to do something because everyone’s on a deadline, be the voice of reason and speak up. No deadline is so important that you should allow yourself to be harangued by anyone.

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While you make it clear that you hate drama, it seems to be following you around wherever you go this week. If things are too contentious at work, the last thing you need is for your partner to instigate unnecessary fights at the same time too. Blow the whistle when you feel like people’s emotional baggage is getting to be too much for you. You don’t have to take it. And if you can see yourself instigating drama and causing all this tension—call yourself out and tell yourself to stop.

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You’re moving into a pretty tense time and anything, at this point, can set you off. It’s important to maintain composure and not go totally cray when things get out of control. If you’re able to keep a grace-under-pressure stance through all of this, you’ll come out of it with your pride intact and with your reputation untainted. Remind yourself that this, too, shall pass. Find a healthy outlet to unleash your unexpressed anger—or find a rant-buddy you can trust. Keep calm.

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