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Here's How ~*Virtual*~ Photoshoots Are Done During Quarantine

Thanks to modern technology, our lives have gotten so much easier. You can already do so much with the click of a button or a tap on your screen—like booking a ridesharing service, connecting with family and friends, and even shopping online.

There's more to it, too! Now, you can even do a virtual photoshoot without leaving the comfort of your own home. And that's exactly how it's been for photographer Doc Marlon Pecjo and model Siobhan Moylan. Since physical distancing is now a part of everyone's lives, Doc Marlon turns to technology and does ~virtual photoshoots~ instead.

He says, "We use FaceTime, then I instruct the models on what to do...And as we shoot we actually use the back camera, so the models don't actually see themselves while we're shooting. There's a mystery, then there's always that trust [in] the photographer and confidence that the model would actually show."

Sounds pretty cool, right? Watch the video to see how they did it! 


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