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How To Handle Difficult Girls

We're all about sisterhood, but some gals are too self-centered to be BFF material: the sob sister, drama queen, and Ms. Daldal. Here's how to deal.

There is a certain sense of solidarity in being a woman and going through the same things our girlfriends go through. But, there are some types of gals who just don't know how to get past their own interests, and trying to reason with these people can drain you of more energy than a 5-K race. Here are three types of girls who are difficult to deal with, and how you can cope with their demanding ways:

1. The Sob Sister: She’s the one who's always complaining but isn't truly interested in solving her problems.

How To Cope: Stop lending a sympathetic ear and give her some tough love, says Judith Orloff, MD, an assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry at UCLA and author of Positive Energy. Pointing out that she should take responsibility for her own unhappiness might help her change, and if not, she'll at least lay her misery on someone else.

2. The Drama Queen: This crisis junkie turns small incidents into major dramas.

How To Cope: "When a drama queen makes you anxious, take a deep breath and assess your take on the situation," Dr. Orloff advises. Remind yourself that just because she's making a big deal out of something doesn't mean it is a big deal.

3. Ms. Daldal: She loves to gab about herself but shows little interest in you.

How To Cope: When you're over listening to her life story, switch the topic and ask for her opinion on something going on in your life. She may keep on talking, but you can ensure your interests are getting equal airtime.

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