How To Highlight Your Best Features In Photos

Master the art of taking selfies.
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More than just having a lot of patience and dedication, taking a good selfie actually requires great skills and the right device. And, as we all know, since anything on the Internet lives on forever, here are some professional tips for you to never take a bad picture again.

Lighting is everything.

Natural light is your best friend. Position yourself by a window during the “magic hour”—two hours after sunrise or an hour before sunset—to get that picture perfect glow. Dust on some highlighter on key areas like your forehead, nose, and cheeks to make your face pop. If natural light is inaccessible, go for a smartphone with soft LED flash that accompanies its front camera—it’s easy on the facial features by lessening harsh light and is perfect for a nighttime snap.

Know your angles.

Every true selfie queen knows her angles. Pro-tip: Try extending your neck forward—it’s every model’s go-to pose. Likewise, fail-proof your wefies by using smartphones that are equipped with wide angle selfie cameras—we’d suggest going for ASUS’ latest ZenFone 4 Selfie! That way, your squad will have enough room to be picture-perfect.

Make sure you have options, girl.

Take five, 10, or even 50 selfies—of course, having a phone that has a lot of storage (think Zenfone 4 Selfie’s 2TB max!) wouldn’t hurt. Practice your poses shamelessly. Try tilting your face slightly to the side to avoid flat-looking photos. And, show off that jawline!

Loosen up!

Use your phone’s screen as your makeshift mirror. If you feel a bit stiff, put the phone away, and take a break. Watch your favorite funny videos, talk to your besties, and relax. These will make you less self-conscious. After all, expressions are always best when they’re taken from real and authentic moments.

Be mindful of your backdrop.

Don’t let whatever random thing in your background steal the spotlight. Instead, make it a point to enhance your selfies with beautiful sceneries. Or, simply choose to stand out from unaesthetic surroundings—nothing a good dual selfie camera can’t fix. With the ZenFone 4 Selfie’s wefie camera, you’re promised all of the best view to complement your best self!

Choose the right tools.

Sometimes, you can master all the selfie tricks out there, but it all goes to waste when you don’t have the right smartphone with you! Go for smartphones with powerful dual front cameras—like those equipped with at least 20MP for its main camera, and another 8MP for its secondary front camera. Or, better yet, go for phones that are made purposely for selfies like the ASUS ZenFone 4 Selfie—widely regarded as the original Selfie Master!

The ASUS ZenFone 4 Selfie takes care of your photo needs such as lighting (it has a soft-flash feature), depth-of-field (to blur your backgrounds), beauty mode, unique plug-in filters, and more. No need to fuss about having a full face of makeup on because, with its Selfie Master feature, which is the first of its kind of technology to combine photo, video, and livestream beautification, as well as ready-to-go collage and slideshow applications, you are sure to capture the best version of yourself.

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