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Thanks To Jupiter And Neptune, Today Is The Best Day To *Manifest Your Heart's Desires*

Let's get this party started.
How to manifest anything
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ICYMI, ~*manifesting*~ could help you achieve your wildest dreams. And what if we told you, that today, April 12, 2022, is the *best* time to do it? Intrigued? Read on.

As we speak, Jupiter and Neptune will be involved in a rare astrological event: The two planets will connect in Pisces! (This won't happen again until 2188.) Jupiter is all about opportunities and growth, while Neptune is all about dreams. With the two combined, they make one powerful couple to fuel your personal manifestations.

BTW, Pisces is a sign of creativity, intuition, and deep spirituality. Today is the best time to list down your goals and begin creating your vision board to make your wildest dreams come true.

Here are just some things you can manifest right now:

Tip: Manifesting is not just blurting out what you want to the Universe. You must word what you're asking for in a positive manner, plus you must say what you exactly want. You must also take proactive steps—think of it as a collaboration with the Universe. Your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions are all in sync to achieve your goals. Plus, you must erase negative beliefs and be grateful for all the things you have rn. (Here's our complete guide to manifesting.)

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How to Manifest a New Job, Better Career

For those who want to explore opportunities outside of their current organization, here's what you can do: Write down all the words that remind you of your dream work setting. "Better healthcare benefits," "PXXX salary," "car plan," "nearby location," "encouraging mentor," and so on. Do a thought download of your ideal job. 

Then, form the keywords into sentences in the present tense. Example: "I am in a job with [Peso value] salary, a car plan, and a supportive manager who encourages me to learn." Repeat this to yourself every day.

How to Manifest Money

Grab a pen and Post-It. Write down the *exact* amount you'll be needing to be financially stable. You may even plan your funds until the age of 60. Add a date next to the amount, then write it down, Place this on your vision board right next to a photo of a wad of cash or even a checkbook, or your bank's logo.

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How to Manifest Good Health

Know your "why," aka the major reason you're working towards your fitness goals. As much as you can, believe in something more than the "aesthetic" effects of getting fit. Focus on goals like "getting stronger to live a longer life," "taking care of my body regardless of its size," or even something as essential as "building a stronger immune system during a pandemic."

Say these affirmations to yourself: "I am healthy. I thank my body for being strong during a pandemic." In your vision board, you can add images that you vibe with—and they don't need to include the gym or abs. Photos of fun activities—like biking, rollerskating, surfing, or running—are very much welcome.

While you're at it, paste photos of healthy, filling food on your board. It doesn't have to be salads, BTW! Here are some menu suggestions you can try.

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How to Manifest Love

Place keywords on your vision board of what your ideal mate would be like. That list will only serve as a reminder of how you value yourself in a relationship, including your dealbreakers. Checklists are good, but nobody is perfect. Remember that you attract the person you are currently or becoming. Be the person you would want to date. 

Now, trust the process and believe that your dreams will happen! Best of luck. :)

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ATTN: This Is How You Manifest *Whatever* You Want In Your Life

Live Your Best Life: How To Create A Vision Board For Manifesting

'Ano ang *manifesting*? Iba ba 'yon sa pag-set ng goals?'


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