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How To Organize Your Makeup

Beauty junkies, take note!

If you're a bit of a makeup hoarder, you better be sure you know how to properly store your prized posessions.

1. Display the essentials and keep the rest in bins or drawers.

Cover your vanity with beautiful fabric and use attractive containers to hold your beauty essentials. Bring out only those that you use daily and keep the rest stored in drawers. 

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2. Use pretty dishes or bowls.

Use a pretty bowl, jar, or saucer to hold your favorite lippies and everyday staples so you don’t waste time fishing out your favorite lipbalm from your drawers and bags.

3. Compartmentalize your drawer.

Use a kitchen flatware divider and used plastic containers to create sections in your drawer. Store makeup according to themes: shades, use, or shape to save time. 

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