This Is How You're Supposed To Seal A Cereal Box, And We Are So Surprised


Hi, hello. We’re back with another life hack that we discovered from where else: TikTok. This time, it’s about how you should *actually* be sealing your cereal boxes without using anything else and wow, what a revelation! All my life we’ve done different methods of sealing cereal boxes at home: tape, food clips, or just transferring everything to an airtight container. But man, were we wrong. 

According to this viral TikTok, here’s how you should be doing it:


CEO of closing my cereal box wrong my entire life ##cereal ##diy ##fyp ##foryou ##goingpro

? original sound - mariam__tahmasx

MIND. BLOWN. Who knew you only had to fold the two flaps like that? Life-changing!

And I also found this version which featured local cereals and yes, it still works:


##foldyourcerealbox ##lifehack

? BamBambam - Karencitta

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