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How Exactly Can You Seal A Bag Of Chips Without A Clip?

Again, we've been doing it wrong this entire time.
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Another day, another life hack to blow your mind. This time, it involves sitsirya! Ok, when I open a bag of chips, unless I'm really, really stressed, I rarely finish it in one sitting. So what ends up happening is I try my best to fold like an adult and clip it. But if there's no clip within reach, I kid you not, iniipit ko lang siya under a bowl or a book. 

But it looks like I won't be doing that anymore. There are two ways to seal or close a bag of chips on its own. Here's one posted by Padma Lakshmi, where you fold the top part into a triangle and tuck it in:

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Then, there's this other—more impressive—way, where you fold it down a few times and flip the bag of chips. Take a look: 

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