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If Guys Made Your New Year's Resolutions, They'd Look Like This

The soonest you achieve these, the better off you'll be.

Feel free to reject the advice of men as you go through the year; they'll take it all in stride. But if you're interested, read on!

Never settle.

And we're not just talking about guys here (though it would be great, too, if you'd stop going out with that clunker and throw a few glances elsewhere). Practically speaking, you can leave the settling for September, when the year is wearing thin and days are just sort of getting by. But while the year is still fresh and new: Raise your standards. Quality-control your stuff. Bring your office A-game. Book your flights. Live your dreams. Ask good guys out.

Lay off the fashion blogger pose.

Oh, you know the one. The whole upright "half de quatro" thing, makingyour legs look like storks as you gaze insolently down at your shoes. What's so mildly annoying about your footwear that would make you purse your lips like that? At any rate, this pose is supposed to enhance your figure and get you into Lookbook or something, but really, it just makes you look constipated.

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Don't let the guys take advantage of you.

Lots of men are jerks, but a select few cross the line into true asshole-dom. Maybe you encounter a couple of them every day on the train to work. They leer and catcall and grope and lean too close. You don't have to put up with that. You shouldn't.

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Appreciate your body.

It may be difficult to imagine, especially when you're looking at yourself in the mirror right after a shower, but those wobbly and unformed bits? They're mostly all in your head. Which is not to say that you should let yourself go and give in to the devilish charms of Cronut overeating. We just want you to loosen up and love yourself more.

Stop oversharing.

We get it: Compared to other people's, your life is colorful, exciting, adrenaline-pumped, socially conscious, and overrun with gorgeousness. And yes, it's going to get even more so this year. Don't be crazy for the "Likes." Go easy on the machine-gun frequency of your social media posts, and go live your life a bit more.

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This story originally appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine, January 2014. 

* Minor edits have been made by editors