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What Indoor Plants Should You Keep By Your Windows?

side by side photos of indoor plants you should keep by the window

Are you planning to grow your own indoor garden? Familiarize yourself with these plants that grow best when placed near windows! 

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Aloe vera

Succulents love light, so if you're planning to buy an aloe vera, place it near a bright window to keep it happy! Water this tiny plant thoroughly but infrequently, and avoid letting it sit in water. 

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Fiddle-leaf fig tree 

Fiddle-leaf fig trees are pretty to look at, but they can be difficult to keep alive. Native to West Africa, this popular floor plant thrives in a warm, humid environment. That said, misting it a few times a week will keep it healthy. Unlike other plants that can tolerate low-light conditions, a fiddle-leaf fig will only grow in areas that get bright, indirect light. You'll know it's not getting enough sunlight when its leaves would fall off or turn yellow. 

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Monstera deliciosa 

This tropical houseplant is a striking addition to any space! A monstera deliciosa must be placed in a spot that can receive filtered light. Otherwise, its leaves won't be able to develop its characteristic splits. 

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Areca palm 

This popular palm plant with feather-like fronds may reach up to ten feet in height. Areca or butterfly palms do well in bright light so it's best to place them near windows—and keep them away from air conditioners. According to The Spruce, "sudden cold spots can bring on dark spots in the leaves." Also, be careful not to overwater them as it will cause their leaves to turn brown. 

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