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Attention, Bridesmaids: 17 Instagram Captions For All The Photos You'll Be Taking At The Wedding

instagram captions for bridesmaids

Every woman asks for something different from her entourage or ~*bride tribe*~. Some bridesmaids simply show up to fittings, attend the bachelorette party, and have fun at the wedding; but there are also those friends who like to go all-out, especially when it comes to documenting every single moment of The Big Day (and all the festivities leading up to it). 

So if you're a bridesmaid who's planning to maximize the space on your phone, make sure your Instagram captions are ready. 

The Best Instagram Captions for Bridesmaids

  1. "She said yes, so I did, too."
  2. "Basically, the royal wedding."
  3. "This picture was taken before I started crying." 
  4. "Girls just want to have fu-un."
  5. "Bridesmaid for a day, but best friends for life."
  6. "I'm proud to be a part of her #IDo crew!"
  7. "Thanks for not making me wear an ugly dress!"
  8. "All you need is love… and an open bar." 
  9. "Came for the couple, stayed for the cake."
  10. "Find your crew, love them hard."
  11. "We're everyone's squad goals."
  12. "Can't wait to ~shower~ you with love."
  13. "My Pinterest boards are ready."
  14. "She got married...I got drunk."
  15. "We may not have it all together, but together we have it all."
  16. "Yes, we know how obnoxious we are together. No, we don't care."
  17. "We've been friends for so long, I can’t remember which one of us was the bad influence."


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