PSA: You Can Now Scroll Through Instagram In Dark Mode

Your eyes will be forever grateful.
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We're all weak when it comes to Instagram. Often, I catch myself putting my phone down after mindlessly scrolling through the app, only to pick it up a few seconds laterkahit alam ko namang walang bagong ganap, lol.

So if you just can't quit it, here's a new feature that'll help you endure the long hours you spend on Insta.

In October 2019, they quietly rolled out Dark Mode. ICYDK, Dark Mode is now available on Facebook Messenger, so we shouldn't be *that* surprised to have it on IG, too. 

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, made the announcement on Twitter:

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Here's the catch: Users won't be able to toggle the feature within the app itself. You'll have to adjust your actual phone settings. If your phone is already on Dark Mode, you won't need to change anything—Instagram will automatically switch to the black-gray version. If not, you'll need to be running the new iOS 13 or Android 10. 

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To switch to Dark Mode:

  • For iOS 13: Go to Settings, tap Display & Brightness, and tap the Dark button. (Or ask Siri to do it for you!)
  • For Android 10: Go to Settings, tap Display, then select Dark. 

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