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New Instagram Features Are Coming: Selfie Stickers, Vanish Mode, And More

You'll also be able to change the chat colors in your DMs!
Instagram's new features: Watch Together, selfie stickers, Vanish Mode

Soon, you'll have more reasons to enjoy Instagram. On September 30, the social media app announced new features to be excited about! 


Perhaps the biggest update is that Instagram Direct will be linked to Facebook Messenger. You'll be able to access some of your favorite Messenger features on Instagram, and you don't have to think about which app to use to reach your loved ones. Some of the features they're bringing over from Messenger are: being able to reply to a specific message, forward a message, and customize chat colors and themes.

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Next up are selfie stickers, which are described as "a unique hybrid of Boomerang, emojis, and selfies—and a new way to react to conversations." If you're feeling a little lonely, the Watch Together feature lets you bond over a trending IGTV post via video call. 

And if you have *a lot* of secrets, then Vanish Mode will be your new best friend; these messages disappear right after they're seen! Both you and your BFF have to enable the feature before it works. Your screen will go dark and a note will appear specifying that you're now using Vanish Mode. All messages will appear when you exit the chat, and there will be no history of the thread. 


According to CNN, Instagram is slowly rolling out these features, so *some* users can access them already. Fingers crossed, we'll be able to use these soon!

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