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Janine Gutierrez's Condo Will Give You Serious Beach Vibes

It's bright and airy—like a mini paradise in the city.
PHOTO: Rene Mejia

While some would shy away from independent living, there are those who welcome this chapter with open arms—eager to build a dream space filled with handpicked pieces and accessories. After years of sharing a bedroom with two of her siblings, actress Janine Gutierrez was more than ready to mark another milestone. She moved into a 92sqm unit last year and has been enjoying every minute of having her own place since.

The condo home is a bachelorette's dream come true—the vibe is homey and comforting, natural light dominates the space, and it's filled with well-thought-out pieces that would remind one of a posh resort. Whether you're thinking about getting a place of your own or simply looking for a home peg, here are 10 things that stood out in this compact haven:

1. The balance of tropical and Scandinavian influences

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Upon entrance to the unit, guests would instantly feel at ease. The vibe is light and airy, with neutrals taking over the space and natural light streaming through the sliding glass doors. Janine opted to have a tropical theme as she has always dreamed of owning a resort in the future.

Her friend and interior designer Theressa Asis completed the look by adding in Scandinavian design elements. The result is a home that's not only inviting, it's easy on the eyes and functional, too.

2. The mix of furniture and decor

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Who wouldn't want to have the floor-to-ceiling bookcase at the back of the sectional sofa? It's a must-have storage piece if you're planning to showcase books, decor, and photographs.

Adding refreshing pops of color to the living area are the indoor plant in a woven planter and the lone artwork on the wall that depicts the sea by artist Tammy De Roca. Janine stumbled upon Tammy's work on Instagram and instantly messaged him to inquire.

For a similar bookcase, visit Crate & Barrel or Habitat Manila.

3. The lovely dining area

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The solid acacia dining table steals the spotlight in the dining area. To further highlight the piece, the rest of the pieces in the nook are kept in light colors—as seen in the sea-green dinnerware and the white Eames-inspired chairs. To be able to accommodate her friends and family in the unit, a sturdy wooding bench was also added.

4. The wallpaper in the bedroom

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When Janine acquired the bare unit, the space could actually accommodate two bedrooms. However, the actress opted to have a bigger room and living area instead. Her bedroom also features a closet and tons of storage options for her belongings. It is snug and inviting but it's the walls that will make you look twice.

The extra pretty wallpaper made with gold matte was ordered from London and the owner waited two months for it. It's safe to say that it's worth the wait as it ties the look of the room together. Since neutrals and light wood dominate the sleeping area, it perfectly provides hints of flora and vibrant colors that liven up the space.

5. The clever storage solution

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Instead of having an ordinary console table or cabinet to house the TV, a closet takes up the space at the foot of the bed. The TV is kept within a niche, while the rest are cabinets and drawers meant for clothes and other belongings. Having a multipurpose piece works well in small homes as it helps the owners maximize the available space while controlling clutter.

6. The compact and organized closet

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Just like the rest of her space, Janine's closet is clean, organized, and very minimalist. After reading Marie Kondo's best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, the actress was inspired to declutter. Only the items she loves and uses are stored neatly in the cabinets.

Meanwhile, her vanity also speaks of simplicity. It has a lighted makeup mirror and pullout drawers where Janine keeps her makeup and precious sunglasses.

7. The dainty powder room

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Janine and Theressa chose to keep the powder room compact in order to allot more space for the living area. Even if it's tiny, the private space still packs a punch in terms of style and function. A patterned wallpaper livens up the wall, while toiletries and towels are properly corraled into chic containers.

8. The spacious outdoor nook with a view

24 square meters were allotted to complete the comfy outdoor nook. To enable the owner to relax and enjoy a quick break, the space is furnished with comfy outdoor furniture pieces that follow the unit's theme. Even if tall buildings surround the spot, it's still perfect for some quiet time and some snacks. Since it has a table, it can even be an area where Janine can entertain friends.

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9. The captivating wood tiles

Sprucing up the balcony are the wood tiles arranged in a chevron pattern. These pieces add warmth to the nook and even make for an interesting focal point in the area. If you've always wanted to recreate the feel of a resort or a beach house in your home, count on wood tiles to liven up a lanai or balcony.

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Find wood tiles at Wilcon Depot.

10. The vertical garden

Many condo dwellers opt to have a mini garden to balance out the concrete and stiff elements in a unit. The vertical garden in Janine's balcony not only conceals the laundry area, it also adds a fresh and extra soothing feel to the bright and airy home.

Tip: If you also want to have your own pocket garden, you can research on container gardening or even start with a few succulents and indoor plants.


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