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It's Jupiter Retrograde: 7 Habits That Helped Me Slow Down To Focus On The Goals I Have Forgotten

Spoiler alert: It helps when you use a special self-care face oil!
My Jupiter Retrograde routine
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Ivan Samkov/Pexels, Ira Nopuente

First things first, let me explain what Jupiter Retrograde is and why I have a special routine to go with it. Jupiter Retrograde is started on June 20 to October 18, 2021. During this period, it is said that we should look inwards. We should reassess areas that have potential growth. Jupiter Retrograde is the perfect time we rethink our daily decisions.

  • Do you really want to be in this situation moving forward?
  • Are you happy with your career?
  • Do you really like that guy you're talking to or is it just because he's the only one available?
  • Does your skincare routine serve you?
  • Do your habits support your financial goals?

These are just some questions we should ask ourselves while Jupiter is in retrograde. (But tbh, this is still good practice regardless of an astrological event.)


So, I've been busy having quiet time and re-evaluating my life. Here are just some slow-down habits I picked up so I can be more focused on my goals and be more productive.

  1. I mix beauty with mental wellness time.

    I never forget to do a self-care routine, and when I do it, I make sure that I take care of my mind and body. I like to multi-task while I list down and do a "thought download" of my current situation and goals. A "thought download" is when you write down all the ideas "cluttered" in your head. This practice helps clear my mind, plan things better and become more productive.

    Since my brain is stimulated by scents and touch, I like to start by massaging a face oil on my skin. I'm currently into a minimal three-step skincare routine because it's my way of taking care of myself with less effort or pressure. This particular product has pili and elemi oil that are both rich in antioxidants. This small bottle can do a lot! It helps soften the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. I'm an overthinker is the answer to my always stressed-out complexion. I love its relaxing scent, and I find it really cool that it's called "Self Care Night Recovery Oil."

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    Pili Ani Self Care Night Recovery Oil

    Pili Ani Self Care Night Recovery Oil 40ml, P3,200, Pili Ani


  2. I listen to nature sounds while I practice grounding.

    Normally, I would listen to classical songs while I do my self-healing routine, but I just discovered that I felt better when I hear nature sounds. These help a lot when I practice grounding techniques to soothe my anxious emotions. I just close my eyes and imagine I'm in a resort instead of the city.


  3. I am finally using my finance spreadsheet.

    My job entails me to work with Google Sheets every day, so it's pretty normal for me to integrate the platform into my life! I have a finance spreadsheet where I place all my income, savings, and expenses. I've had it since 2019, but it's only recently that I've updated it religiously. Seeing that I've lessened my online shopping and GrabFood deliveries, I was so proud of myself. My next goal is to pay off debt and fatten my savings account!

  4. I cook more.

    One huge change that helped me save more money is to prepare more meals at home. (I know, groundbreaking, right?) I've discovered that I can cook legit ulam like Japanese curry, liempo, and salmon belly sinigang! I still make grilled cheese sandwiches on days when I'm feeling lazy.

    Muji Placemat

    Muji Rattan Placemat, P965, Trunc


  5. I listed down my plans and divided each into teeny tiny goals.

    Goals can seem vague or even overwhelming if you just list them down. Breaking each down to teeny-tiny goals makes the journey to success more feasible. I use a habit tracker to remind and motivate me to reach my goals. Progress over perfection!

  6. I dress up to show up.

    I've established a morning routine during my work-from-home days (I still am really thankful that I can work remotely.) I still dress up for work because that is my way of showing up for the job that is still there for me even during a pandemic. It also helps me focus on my daily tasks because I'm not in "bahay mode." My WFH uniform are oversized t-shirts + comfy shorts

    H&M Oversized T-Shirt

    H&M Oversized T-Shirt, P499, Zalora


  7. I take breaks when I need to.

    You probably have a to-do list and follow a system that helps you so I won't give a tip about it. My Big Girl advice is to add five-minute breaks after you've accomplished a task. Do something you really like during your free time: Laugh at memes, look at cute pet photos, or stare at a wall. 

    To be productive, it's important to slow down and breathe. A simple activity such as standing up after long hours of sitting to stretch helps reboot my mind. I also observed that when I brew my morning coffee, my brain "arranges" the items in my to-do list from the most to the least urgent task.

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