Koreans See How They Would Look After Plastic Surgery

'Everybody deserves to feel okay about who they are.'
PHOTO: YouTube/BuzzFeedVideo

South Korea is a country with a thriving beauty industry. Anyone who's ever visited Seoul knows how amazing the skincare and makeup shopping is, particularly in Myeongdong—a permanent fixture on many tourists' itineraries for the maze of beauty stores alone.

It's also no secret that many Koreans are fixated on improving their appearances by going under the knife. And the media isn't the only one to blame! From an early age, Koreans are made to believe—by their parents and relatives, no less—that certain facial and body quirks can be resolved with plastic surgery.

In this eye-opening video by Buzzfeed, three second-generation Korean Americans sit down with a cosmetic surgeon to find out which of their facial features could be made better with a little nip and tuck. See how they react below:

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