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Kris Bernal: 'I want to show you the truth and reality behind the perfect images'

Kris has an important reminder about normalizing *flaws*.

Kris Bernal is back with another reminder to acknowledge your body for what it is and what it can do for you. ICYDK, the actress has been vocal about her experience of being at the receiving end of body-shaming comments. 

In an Instagram post from November 2020, Kris wrote, "At one time or another, you might have experienced body-shaming the same way that I did. Waking up every day to people commenting on my body wasn't easy at all. Thankfully, I am pretty headstrong and kept channeling all this negativity into my work."

Kris Bernal: "It's normal to normalize flaws!"

And on February 17, she encouraged everyone to normalize flaws by posting unedited photos with the caption, "I just snapped this photo today without any thought or care. I thought it came out pretty nice. I probably could have played with the picture a bit to make the colors pop and my skin smooth but I decided that I looked perfectly FLAWED, just the way I really am. And, the morning sun provided the perfect lighting."

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Kris Bernal encourages fans to normalize flaws
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She continued, "I want to be able to create beautiful images but I also want to show you the truth and reality behind the perfect images. It's normal to normalize flaws!"

And of course, known for her killer workouts, Kris squeezed in a 30-minute sweat sesh for an energy + mood booster! 


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