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The Kind Of Tamad You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Are you the Homebody Tamad, the Daydreaming Tamad, or the Rarely Tamad?
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Aries: Never Tamad, Because A-M-B-I-T-I-O-N

You’re too ambitious to just trudge along day by day; in fact, you’re out there speeding towards every goal and snapping up every opportunity that comes hurtling your way. You would do anything to make your visions of career success (read: world domination) become a reality, so you act BOSS AF even though you’re not the boss. (YET. *evil laugh*)

Taurus: Homebody Tamad

Why on earth would you stress yourself out with life’s problems when you can just lie on the couch and re-watch Friends for the hundredth time? You get things done when you have to—how else would you pay for that Netflix subscription, duh?—but if there were any sign in the zodiac most likely to just rot in her apartment until the neighbors noticed the stench, it would be you.

Gemini: Restless Tamad

Your lively restlessness is a double-edged sword—you can multitask like a machine and power through those reports, but along the way, you could be plagued by indecision and your focus could fizzle out. You might not be a prime candidate for that work promotion, but hey, at least you’re not bad enough to lose your job?

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Cancer: Considerate Tamad

You are a kind, sensitive soul, and when you’re doing something for the people you care about, you can move heaven and earth to make it happen. But if left to your own devices, you might waste time mulling over worries or dilly-dally along like there’s no deadline to beat, and before you know it, you’re left rotting in your apartment for the neighbors to discover, Taurus-style.

Leo: Tamad In the Name Of Fun

You love being the queen bee, so you may be driven to rack up awards and snatch up achievements—anything to keep you the center of attention. But you also love having fun, so when it’s time to clock out or you’re on vacation, you’re officially on ME TIME. To the team leader who’s been ringing you nonstop to no avail as you sip a piña colada beachside: Sorry, but not really.

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Virgo: So Not Tamad, You’re Kind Of A Killjoy

Not only are you hardworking, you have a flair for organization, a sharp attention to detail, and a strong commitment to excellence. In fact, you work so hard, you make your colleagues look bad, leaving them grumbling about your OC ways while they’re huddled together during lunch break. But who are they to complain when you’re the one who always saves their slacking asses when crunch time comes?

Libra: Everyone’s Favorite Tamad

People are often quick to have you join them in group tasks because you’re charming, easy to get along with, and a huge people-pleaser. That doesn’t make you the most reliable member in the bunch though, as your mind can flit around as you flutter along. But hey, they wanted a social butterfly—THEY’RE GONNA GET A SOCIAL BUTTERFLY.

Scorpio: Rarely Tamad—Unless Drama Hits

Focused, determined, and power-starved, you get shit done, and get them done to the best of your abilities. People can count on you to tick off your to-do list in no time, unless you’re distracted by personal drama—you’re the most vengeful of the zodiac, after all!—or sensual pleasures—you’re the most horny of the zodiac, after all!

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Sagittarius: Freedom-Loving Tamad

With your childlike energy, thirst for discovery, and appetite for adventure, you’re not one to hunker down at your desk like nothing else mattered more than the Excel spreadsheet in front of you. Well, unless that Excel spreadsheet contained your itinerary for your upcoming solo backpacking trip, because HELLOOO, EUROPE!

Capricorn: Too Perfectionist To Be Tamad

Your responsible and committed nature extends to your work ethic: You’re a certified workhorse, and you don’t care whose toes you step on to get the results you want. Hey, if they can’t stand the heat, those idiot sandwiches need to get out of the kitchen before you take two slices of bread and go all Gordon Ramsay on them.

Aquarius: Idealistic Tamad

With your imaginative mind and idealistic spirit, your ambitions tend to be lofty dreams that are a tall order to achieve—think ending world hunger or achieving world peace—so you can be forgiven for slacking off a little and maybe not meeting those goals within a timeline of five years. Or 10. Or 20.

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Pisces: Daydreaming Tamad

You’re too much of a dreamer to keep your feet on the ground and your mind on the Powerpoint presentation you’ve had open in front of you for the last four hours. You’re creative and expressive, which are valuable qualities to have at work—qualities you could be dazzling your boss with if only you weren’t fantasizing about getting proposed to by Tom Hiddleston and running off to London with him instead.

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