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My Day With Cosmo: I Started A YouTube Channel For All The Food I'm Learning To Cook

Since the start of the pandemic, people have been trying their hand at all sorts of new hobbies. With so much time spent at home, cooking and baking are at the top of the list—we're sure you've done one or two kitchen experiments.

For Erika Dizon Batty, it's more than that. Having recently moved from Manila to London, she turned to cooking to feel close to home (and because she had no choice but to learn because hello, life skill). As a result, she and her husband started an ASMR cooking channel on YouTube (Crazy Pantry) that serves as a visual diary for all the recipes she's tried—some of which are created or inspired by her mom. Check out Episode 8 of My Day with Cosmo below: 


VIDEO EDITED BY: Cheska Santiago

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