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These Cozy Chair Cushions Are The Cutest Addition To Your Workspace

They'll make your home office comfier and cuter!
LHS PH's Nap Cushions have cute designs.

We bet we can guess what you're doing right now: You're in your home office, seated on your usual desk chair, and slouched in front of your computer. Well, here's your daily reminder to sit up straight—we know you're tired of hearing that by now, but trust us, you'll feel instantly better. And in case upright posture still isn't enough to relieve those daily bouts of back pain that plague anyone over the age of 17, here's something to help you out: Online shop LHS PH's adorable Nap Cushions!

These cute cushions will save you from back pain!
PHOTO BY / Lazada
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If you're just not willing to invest in a brand-new office chair to make your work-from-home experience a little comfier, these cozy chair cushions could be the next best thing. All you have to do is place the cushion on top of a chair you already have at home and take a seat. It'll provide a soft layer for your spine and bottom to lean against, so you can avoid that ever-dreaded back pain that often attacks throughout the day. Plus, the cushions can easily be transferred from one seat to another, so you can use it all over your house or even in your car. They'd make great gifts for friends, too!

Check out each of the designs you can shop:

Nap Cushion in Green (P800)
PHOTO BY / Lazada
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Nap Cushion in Pink (P800)
PHOTO BY / Lazada
Nap Cushion in Gray (P800)
PHOTO BY / Lazada
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Nap Cushion in Orange (P800)
PHOTO BY / Lazada

LHS PH's Nap Cushions are avaialable online.

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Laptop Stand

Multifunctional Laptop Table with Mouse Pad (P699) from The Ergonomist
PHOTO BY Kimstore
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As we've mentioned earlier: Don't slouch! We know the constant need to stay upright feels tedious, but trust us, sitting up straight will give you more energy to work and brighten up your mood. In the long run, it'll also help prevent that chronic, dreaded, millennial occurence known as back pain. Try a laptop stand to keep your computer situated up high and draw your body upwards while you work. If you don't have one at home, a quick fix would be to form a sturdy stack of books or pile unused paper to keep your laptop at eye-level and prevent you from hunching over.

Available online.

Mini Fan

Portable Fan (P399) from Miniso
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Some people put their blood, sweat, and tears into their work, but we don't suggest taking that expression literally—nobody wants to be working drenched in sweat. Keep your work-from-home space comfortable and conducive for work with a handy fan—perfect if you don't have a big one at home or you can't afford to keep your air conditioning running for hours. At the very least, keep a hand fan or even makeshift pamaypay nearby should the heat get a little too much for you.

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