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Horoscope: Everything You Need To Know About Libra

Meet Libra, the great equalizer of the zodiac.
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September 22 to October 22

Symbol: The Scales

Ruling Planet: Venus

Best Love Match: Aquarius

Famous Libra: Brigitte Bardot

Libra likes to have things just so—even the slightest imbalance in their lives can have these social creatures on edge. These quiet and refined individuals possess a knack for beauty and a natural talent for understanding and working with people. They may like to keep to themselves most of the time, but also thrive in social environments.

At work, Libras like being liked.

Libras never want to deliver sub-standard work. If that means they have to work alone (which they probably enjoy more anyway) so that their exceptionally high standards are met, that’s what they’ll do. Libras have an exacting eye, and this is what draws people to them in the workplace. Even if they would prefer to dish out their high quality work without having to deal with anyone else, people flock to their side as if on cue. They may not admit it, but Libras low-key like the attention, making their mutually beneficial work relationships a win-win.

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Libras know they deliver great work, so when they are on the receiving end of some bad reviews; they tend not to take it too well. They’ll deal with the backlash without losing their cool, however, still reverting to their ability to handle people well.

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Admiration is a key motivator for Libras, as they are ruled by the planet Venus. They need to watch out for people who are able to manipulate this need for praise and use it as a means towards less than savory ends.

In love, Libras can start off skin-deep.

Masters at the first date, Libras know how to charm the socks off anyone. Even if their feelings at the initial meet-cute are lukewarm and “meh,” they’ll put on a good show and make their potential partner feel like they’d just struck gold. Incredibly sweet and graceful, their natural charm beguiles just about anyone—even those they’d rather not attract. If Libras were sneaky enough to turn on their manipulative powers, they could turn this asset into a huge boon (it’s a good thing most Libras are actually pretty good-natured and kind).

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The crux of it is that Libras love love. They’re swept off their feet by the idea of romance and they’ll keep a relationship going as long as they possibly can—almost as if they’d committed with wedding vows (even if the relationship’s only lasted a few months).

This is if Libra actually goes beyond their hypercritical tendencies that tend to overshadow their first impressions. Sometimes superficial and shallow, if they don’t bother going deeper, Libra is left with a subpar relationship that looks good on the outside but doesn’t offer a lot long-term.

Libra is a hot and cold type of friend.

When Libra really feels your friendship, they’ll be there for you in an absolutely intense and full-on kind of way. They’ll help you sort out the most transformative decisions of your life, be there for you when you’re in the grips of a big change. But when they’re done, they’re done and probably off finding another intense friendship to spark with someone else. Don’t take it personally. Libra doesn’t think they’re dumping you as a friend—in fact, they can probably rationalize their disappearing acts quite well.

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Because they perform so well in social environments, Libras tend to have more occasional friends and acquaintances than friends who are there through and through. Networking is more their jam, and they love the performative aspect of seeing and being seen. Their sociable nature works well as long as you learn to appreciate that their friendship is there momentarily instead of permanently.

Libra is a cheerful force in the family.

It doesn’t matter what Libra’s place in the birth order is—or even whether they’re parent or child. They love it when all eyes are on them and thrive on compliments from their nearest and dearest. Libras can also revert to a very quiet kind of moodiness. When they feel their needs aren’t being met by family, they can go off in a corner and passive aggressively sulk until someone notices there’s something wrong.

The thing is, family life is always a little bit brighter and happier when there’s a Libra around. They love parties and reconnecting with siblings and distant relatives. It’s no wonder that Libra season is a precursor to the holidays. Libra loves to stoke the fire when it comes to family reunions and parties.

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At the end of the day, Libra will always do what’s best for everyone. Their inclination towards balance and fairness will win over their initial attention seeking and superficiality. The self-centeredness does give way to their playful and unique ability to bring everyone together in peace.

Libra needs equal parts healthy behavior in all aspects of life.

It’s not enough that Libras fill their weeks with a sport or physical activity. Their need for balance goes far deeper than your typical calorie-counting, calorie-burning scheme that works for most other signs in the zodiac. Libra needs a mind-body-spirit connection that permeates through every part of their life.

Health, to a Libra, means having an organized, lovely to look at home environment. When their desks are cluttered and messy, they don’t perform as well at mental tasks and don’t deliver their usual exceptional work in their careers. Decluttering need to be an essential part of their routine.

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Apart from that, they need to have sufficient interaction with people—something that also allows them to tap into their creative sphere. Art classes, music-related movement exercises, and anything that makes life a little more artfully lived is a must.

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