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This Girl Documented Her Life As A Third Wheel And We're Dying

She's totally all of us. LOL!
PHOTO: Instagram/thirdwheelextravaganza

When we go third wheel-ing with our friends, we usually hate the whole situation. Of course, it gets a bit awkward and sad, too. But this girl, Third Wheel Extravaganza (@thirdwheelextravaganza on Instagram), makes good use of the situation and just became every single girl's hero. [via]

She documents her life as a third wheel to her friends by snapping a photo and using hilarious one-liners for her captions!

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There's no escape for her even during her study time. Oh em!

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And even when the boyfriends aren't around, she's still a third or fifth wheel. HUHU, this is us.

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"Why stop at third wheel? Dream big super star." LOLOLOL!

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