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Yassi Pressman Opens Up To Liza Soberano About Her Severe Panic Attack: 'I felt like I was gonna have a stroke'

Liza Soberano and Yassi Pressman Talk About Mental Health
PHOTO: LEFT TO RIGHT: Instagram/lizasoberano, Instagram/yassipressman

Trigger warning: Discussion of panic attacks.

Liza Soberano has always been outspoken about mental health, so we're excited that she finally launched a podcast about it! An Open Mind With Liza Soberano aims to discuss the most common issues we face every day: From imposter syndrome to anxiety.

The actress shared on Instagram how excited she is about this venture. She wrote in the caption: "Hosting is not something I’m really comfortable with but when @yassipressman introduced me to the people behind @mindyoumhs and I learned about their mission to further develop the mental health landscape of the Philippines, I immediately knew I wanted to be involved."

Liza further explained why she chose to launch a podcast on mental health: "The past two years have really shined some light on the importance of prioritizing our mental wellness. It’s time to have honest, unfiltered conversations— without the stigma."

The podcast's pilot episode aired on Sunday, January 16, 2022. Liza's first guest was Yassi Pressman! Yassi is an advocate for making therapy more accessible for everyone. She, Nadine Lustre, and Liza all worked together to invest in Mind You, an organization that provides Filipinos with easier and more affordable access to mental health experts.

Yassi revealed that when her dad passed away in March 2021, she experienced several anxiety attacks. "I didn't know how to feel. I didn't know how to process what I was feeling," she recalled.

Yassi read lots of materials about how to deal with panic attacks. They include breathing exercises, and tapping different parts of your body to feel better. She shared that there are times when the muscles are so tense, you can't even move. "I felt like was gonna have a stroke," she shared.


Because of what she went through, Yassi learned how breathing can help her. She also said that her sister Issa and their dogs also contributed to her coping with her feelings better.

Yassi also talked more about her personality type—she is an ENFP, aka the campaigner. From strengths and weaknesses, she gives us a glimpse of her life and how she responds to certain situations. (FYI, when you know your personality type, it can help you build on your strengths and weakness so you can further enrich your career, relationships, and life.)

Listen in to the rest of their conversation on An Open Mind With Liza Soberano on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

According to the teaser, upcoming guests are Enrique GilGab Valenciano, and Cristine Reyes.


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