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A Beginner's Guide To The Local Podcasts You Shouldn't Miss Out On

LIST: 5 Philippine Podcasts Worth Listening To Right Now

These past few months, I've come to the realization that I'm not so used to a quiet environment. I know it can be different for some people, but to be honest, sometimes I feel so unmotivated to do my tasks without any white noise. While some prefer silent vlogs or music as their background noise, I like listening to podcasts. It feels like I have someone to talk to while I'm doing my daily deliverables and I always learn something new—from adulting lessons, to social issues, and even pop culture. 

Below, I listed some local podcasts worth listening to, depending on what you're interested in. Check them out! 

If you need relationship advice...

"Bad B*tch Bible" by Killa Kush

Need dating tips? Killa Kush has got your back! From her witty Bad B*tch Rule of the Week to her honest-to-goodness banters and advice, this podcast will definitely boost your baddie mentality!

Episodes That I *Highly* Recommend: What Nobody Tells You About Running a Business (Girlboss Bootcamp); Red Flags (Toxic Men Edition) Part 1 and 2; and The Breakup Manual (Do's and Don'ts) Part 1


If you're into candid conversations...

Skypodcast by Kryz Uy and Slater Young

Kryz Uy and Slater Young bring us  ~a little~ closer to them through the Skypodcast. It's very insightful and I love how they're joined by some of their closest friends! Plus, you also get to reflect on their inspiring stories. 

Episodes That I *Highly* Recommend: Martine Ho, Slater's PBB Secrets, and Insecure

Wake Up With Jim And Saab

From debates about societal issues to their life and love advice (aka malibag), podparents Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona are here to enlighten you! Fun fact: They are also one of the *pioneers* of local podcasts here in the Philippines. 

Episodes That I *Highly* Recommend: Wake Up With John Green & Saab, To Amin or Not To Amin | MALIBAG, and How To Rise In The Creative Industry With Enzo Valdez

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If you need help with ~adulting~...

Adulting With Joyce Pring 

Let’s admit it: Going through your 20s isn't always easy. Thanks to Joyce Pring's podcast, we feel *so* seen. It's as if we have an Ate guiding us through everything we need to know about adulthood!

Episodes That I *Highly* Recommend: Things To Stop Doing In Your 20s, The Five People You Need In Your Life, and What If I Don't Know Yet What To Do In Life? 

If you want to stay updated on pop culture...

Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast

From their unforgettable catchphrase, "Sta. Roselle Nava, ipanalangin mo kami," to relatable pop culture references and sabaw moments, filmmaker Antoinette Jadaone and spoken word artist JP Habac will definitely keep you laughing throughout each episode as they share their most unforgettable memories and give insightful advice to their listeners. 

Episodes That I *Highly* Recommend: Payo Ng Isang Aries At Dalawang Taurus Sa Isang Nagmamagandang Virgo Feat. VP Leni Robredo, College Memz (Taylor's Version), and Ang Walang Kwentang Gabi Ng Bading: The AWKP x GNB Crossover Episode Feat. AC, Yani, and JP Habac



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