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Make Your Space Study-Friendly With These Crafty Supplies

Get in the back-to-school groove with these DIY home supplies, paper crafts, and creative artwork that will inspire you to get your space in shape for a new sem.

Most college students are too preoccupied with academic matters, love woes, and friendship ties to pay much attention to their living space. You get home from school, toss your dirty clothes on the growing pile on the floor, and get to work on that overdue paper. After a few semesters, your bed has probably become a makeshift desk where you finish your homework before passing out from exhaustion.

But these bad habits will eventually result in less than stellar marks. The temptation to procrastinate (a short nap, maybe?) and get sidetracked (oh, look what's on TV!) is too great. And, you won't get optimum rest when your sleeping area has become your work area. The solution to this messy dilemma is to arrange your room in such a way that inspires you to be creative and productive. Get organized with these practical tools that will make your life—and studies—so much easier.

Space Savers

The first thing you need to do is clear out the mess in your room. If you lack storage space, get a durable shelving unit to separate your school supplies from your recreational things. Local home and lifestyle design company Heima offers wooden crate shelves, cabinets, and drawers that are painted in fun, pastel colors to suit your style. And to match your newly-designed room, check out the customizable furniture that will come in handy during study parties!

(Do you remember? Heima is where we shot Kim Chiu's November 2010 cover! Check out their showroom in the gallery for inspiration.)

Paper Crafts

The next thing you should look into are paper supplies that will motivate you to write and work. Heima's newly-launched Paper Club collection offers printed cards that are great for scribbling notes and jotting down reminders. You can give them as greeting cards to your loved ones as well! The store offers other paper art in the form of stunning wall decors that have motivational messages written in calligraphy (great for moments when you really need inspiration, a.k.a. cramming!).

Mood Lifters

To make the room even more conducive for studying, try some aromatherapy with scented candles and refreshing roomsprays from Heima Scents. To further stimulate your senses, choose relaxing music from the store's indie vinyl record collection, so you have soothing background music while you try to focus. Fill your bookshelves with motivational books and magazines that inspire you to give 110 percent to whatever you are currently working on. And, write encouraging words and little reminders to yourself on adorable mini-blackboards.

These handmade crafts are good options for organizing your space into becoming more study-friendly. Get inspired to organize and personalize your room by browsing our gallery of Heima's third collection, entitled "Life Is A Party." You'll find lots of imaginative crafts that will have you facing the new school year with creative juices brimming in your mind.

Visit Heima's Makati branch located at Suite 229 LRI Design Plaza, 210 N. Garcia St., Bel-Air 2. For inquiries, call 789-0027. Their Cubao branch is at Shop 33 Cubao Expo., Gen. Romulo Ave., Cubao, Quezon City. Contact 377-4527 for more information.

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