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Heads Up, Coffee Lovers! The Manila Coffee Festival 2020 Is Happening In March


For many of us, coffee is a very important part of life. There are those whose mornings haven't *officially* started unless they've had a cup of coffee. Some are always on the hunt for the best brew in town, while there are also casual coffee drinkers who would gladly try out new variations of the drink.

No matter what kind of coffee person you area coffee connoisseur, someone who can't *live* without it, or simply love this drink no matter its form at any time of the day, this event is for you!

Now on its second year, the Manila Coffee Festival 2020 is happening from March 13 to 15, 2020 at the Manila Hotel’s Tent City. The event will be a celebration of coffee, music, and art in the capital of the Philippines.

This event is organized by the Coffee Science Center and presented by the Manila Hotel to showcase the best of Philippine coffee.


Established in 2016, the Coffee Science Center offers people the chance to learn more about coffee through their workshops. They aim to "[break] stereotypes in coffee. We share sound, scientific, and extensive knowledge on quality coffee."

But there's more than coffee to look forward to! While the lineup for this year is yet to be announced, last year was packed with performances from tide/edit, The Cohens, Wish Sticks, Alyson, Ang Bandang Shirley, Capacities, and The Ridleys.

It's time to invite your friends to join the biggest coffee party in the country, CGs!

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