NBD, Mars In Scorpio Is Just Here To Help You Make Your Dreams Come True

It’s the Oprah of transits. Sort of. Okay, not really.
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So Mars has been hanging out in Libra, its least favorite sign, for about six weeks now. Mars represents your ego, drive, and motivation, so in relationship-oriented, compromising Libra, the planet of action doesn’t feel so hot. Working and standing up for yourself has been difficult because you’ve been more concerned about other people and being partnered up rather than your own personal agenda. Mars plunges into the murky depths of the fixed water sign, Scorpio, one of its favorite signs, amping up your energy, giving you the determination to get sh*t done, and giving your sex drive a huge boost too! For six weeks, the water signs—Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces—are feeling this thrilling vibe the strongest, and fixed signs Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius might struggle to handle this über-intense energy.

Scorpio is the zodiac’s only fixed water sign, meaning it’s stubborn, focused, and emotional. Scorpios have remarkable depth and passion, but they’re great at hiding it. You’ll never see a lil stinger sweat, even if they’re struggling big-time, because their grit and determination is stronger than any other sign. You’re channeling these traits hard with Mars in Scorpio, and your emotions have a much stronger grip on the things you say and do. Right now, you’re diving deep into your feels; getting in touch with your innermost self; and investigating your urges, desires, and passions and feeling more empowered to act upon them.

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Although Mars rules action and asserting yourself, Scorpio is one of the most introverted, private signs. You’re mostly becoming more tuned in to your inner thoughts and feelings, and as time goes on, you’re discovering what it is you should do to satisfy your urges and bring your dreams to life. Scorpio is a determined, calculating, and focused sign, so once you figure out your strategy and take the first steps, straying from your plan of action isn’t likely, so make sure you check and double-check every step of the way to ensure you’re taking on the right track to achieve your goal. Basically, dust off ye olde vision board or journal and get to work.

Oh, BTW, Mars in Scorpio also makes sex feel wild and hotter than ever, so expect your bedroom to Heat! Up! Scorpio is driven by intimacy and yearns for deep connections, and since it’s Scorpio season, it’s pretty likely that you’re crushing on someone pretty hard or feeling waaay stronger for your current boo than usual, so now’s a great time to take that situationship to the next level. Being with someone you’re into makes you feel absolutely invigorated by the connection now.

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But let’s be real, life won’t suddenly be like the last five minutes of a Netflix Christmas rom-com. One of the biggest problems with this transit is you may channel Scorpio’s tendency to become obsessive and paranoid, and you might overthink everything. Scorpio’s incredibly perceptive nature makes it so that your intuition is stronger than ever, but it also makes you feel like there’s some sort of “deeper meaning” behind others’ every word and action. Like a scorpion, if you feel exposed or hurt, you’re ready to strike back with a quickness and ferocity thanks to Mars’ influence here. This plus your heightened emotional state can make you feel downright terrified of any sort of vulnerability, which begs the questions: How will you get the intimacy you crave if you’re too afraid of opening up? How will you achieve your goals if you’re scared of taking risks?

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On top of getting to know your deepest passions and desires, you’re also becoming painfully self-conscious and more aware of your deepest fears and the feelings you’d usually rather ignore. It’s a lot!

The key to navigating the next six weeks is to focus your energy on strengthening your already existing relationships and making those bonds even deeper. More than anything else, Mars in Scorpio is enabling and empowering you to accomplish something meaningful, so be sure to set your sights on achieving a substantial goal or upgrading a relationship you know means a lot to you. Feelings are weird and hard to control, but if there were ever the perfect time to master your emotions and channel them toward accomplishing something big, it’s definitely now!

Peep your Sun/Rising sign horoscopes below:


Your tightest relationships, along with the people you get down and dirty with, are your biggest focus now, and your sex life is totally on fire! Your bedroom is a total sex dungeon rn. (Like, in a good way.) This is great if you’re with someone you love, but JSYK, if you invite someone over for a quickie or a fling, you’re basically guaranteed to catch major feels.

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All your one-on-one relationships are getting fired up. This means there’s way more action with you and your boo and your BFF is even more important to you right now. Ugh, but this also means that people you’re beefing with are stirring up trouble even more, and if you and your loved one get in a fight, you get heated fast. The best use of this energy is to focus on compromising, partnering up, and upgrading your relationships by working together, not damaging them through conflict.


Your work life is picking up speed, and Mars in Scorpio is making you move so fast, it’s hard for you to find a second to stop and breathe! No matter what, you’re definitely staying hella busy right now, but it’s important to channel your energy into being productive. That means cleaning your apartment, going above and beyond at the office, and focusing on organizing your life and daily routine, because if you don’t, the stars are going to make such a mess that you have to scramble to get your shit together.

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Your love life is getting a major glow-up! Your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun is getting lit up by Mars in Scorpio, so your energy levels are rocketing sky-high and your libido is on fire! This transit is helping you come out of your shell and feel more extroverted, and it’s stimulating your creativity, so enjoy it! Just don’t wear yourself out too much with all the hotties coming your way.


Life at home is where Mars in Scorpio is working its magic most for you, Leo. Mars can be invigorating and active or it can be severe and inflammatory, so it’s up to you to determine whether the next six weeks are stellar or terrible. Focus on your family, redecorate the house, or tidy up (this transit is also great if you have to move, BTW), or all the fiery Martian energy may manifest as fights with your roomies, drama with your parents, or home appliances screwing up.

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This will be a busy, busy, BUSY next few weeks for you, Virgo. You’re sending/receiving about a billion emails every day, your phone never stops blowing up, and you’re making tons of new connections. It’s absolutely exhausting, yes, but all the new experiences you’re having are guaranteed to help you learn and grow, so this is a very valuable time for you.


The next few weeks can be amazing or horrible, depending on how you play your cards. Your chart’s zone of finances is being turned on by Mars’ influence, so if you decide to focus on working hard and chasing your bag, you can add stacks of cash to your bank account! It’s easy to just spend, spend, spend all your money, though, whether you’re earning cash to finance all the “treat yourself” days or not. A little mindfulness goes a long way for this transit.

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Mars is your sign’s ruling planet, so now that it’s in your sign, you’re feeling energized, confident, and ready for action! What are your personal goals? Whether you’re focused on getting with your crush, earning that big promotion, or organizing your life, Mars’ influence is helping you take care of business and cross 
everything off your to-do list.


Your chart’s 12th house—the zone of isolation, self-undoing, and hidden enemies—is where Mars is hanging out for the next six weeks. You might hear that people are talking shit now. You might become painfully self-aware of the subconscious motivation behind your bad habits. It’s easy to want to run away from the dramz and hide in your room, but try to use Mars’ energy to focus on fixing whatever is causing it. Confront whoever has your name in their mouth and try to reason with them. Understand the emotions behind your self-destructive habits. Meditate, journal, and pay attention to your dreams—that’s the best way to survive this transit.

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You’re feeling pretty popular with Mars in Scorpio, because it makes your social circle and all your networks the top priority. Making new friends and introducing yourself to new colleagues is a big part of this transit, and spending tons of time with your squad is a huge part now too. The main point is to put in the work when it comes to your relationships with these people so they can support and uplift you later down the road.


The spotlight is on you now, Aquarius! Mars in Scorpio is pulling everyone’s focus at work to your performance, so be on your best behavior! Every victory is celebrated by the whole office, but at the same time, it’ll be all eyes on you if you screw up. This can be a great time for earning a raise or promotion, but if you aren’t focused and dedicated, it can set you way back.

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Do you have any travel plans? Mars in Scorpio is in your chart’s zone of adventure and learning, so do what you can to go somewhere new—even if it’s just taking your friends to the new bar that opened up in your neighborhood or taking a day off for a little day trip, because any new experience promises to be a good one!


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