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Meet The Sexiest Pregnant Woman Ever

The ultimate MILF!

This is Sarah Stage. In case you didn’t notice, she is eight months pregnant. EIGHT MONTHS! With an actual child, not a food baby, mind you.

The pregnant model has been chronicling her pregnancy on Instagram, posting super sexy selfies showing off her growing baby bump. But unlike most pregnant women, she has managed to maintain her abs throughout the entire pregnancy.

Here she is 7 months pregnant:

A month later, this is how she looks:


She told Australia’s News Limited that she does “light prenatal training” and pilates during her pregnancy.

Naturally, her figure raised concerns about the baby—like, how could he possibly grow properly inside such a tiny body? Sarah addressed these criticisms saying, “These days it seems like everyone has something to say, especially on social media. My doctor says the baby is healthy, and that is all that matters to us.”