This Instagram Feature Makes Sure You See The Newest Posts

The dark days are finally over!
PHOTO: istockphoto

Remember when Instagram decided it was a good idea to priortize certain posts over simply showing the most recent ones? And remember how pissed you were about that? Because why would you want to see your friends' latest posts when you can keep seeing the same memes from two days ago? 

Instagram heard our pleas: The app announced a new feature that tells you when you've seen all the newest posts in the last two days. Instagram actually placed a message that says, "You're All Caught Up" to let you know when you've gone through all the latest photos and are about to scroll through older posts. 

And while you're busy looking through the endless pit of posts on your feed, the app has also introduced a message that'll pop up when a new post has been added while you've been scrolling. 

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