Ode To Bras

Aside from knowing how to get the right bra size, you should know how to properly care for your brassiere. Blogger Cereb gives some tips.

I've spent the last couple of weeks putting a lot of thought into this article on bras that I'm writing. Three weeks have passed since the deadline (yikes...), and I have very little to show for it. I didn't know bras could be so complicated until I began working on the article.

It all started with the pulling-out process, which means borrowing merchandise that I could feature from stores. I was surrounded by hundreds of bras in different colors, sizes, and functions, and I had to wade through them to find the bras I needed. Once I narrowed my search down to 20 bras, I had each of them photographed, then determined what they could be used for (pre-pregnancy swelling, post-pregnancy sagging, nursing, etc.). Finally, I need to come up with one outstanding quality that differentiates a certain bra from the 19 others in the same article. I'm stuck. Yay.

If there's one thing I learned from this yet-to-be-concluded story, it's that bras really do a lot for womankind. What most men don't know about breasts is that they can be a handful-literally and figuratively. They have no idea how much effort and expense goes into making sure they look appealing underneath all our layers of clothing.
Before you strap on a constricting brassiere, you must make sure that the undergarment has cups that are the right size or you risk pouring out. They also have to give the proper lift. The band has to wrap around your body just so or rolls of back-fat you didn't even know you had might show through your shirt. The straps have to be tight enough to sit comfortably on your shoulders yet loose enough to not cause marks. And, on top of all that, you'll need different bras for different occasions, situations, and life-altering moments.

Bras aren't just boob-traps, really. They're treasures that require utmost care to stay in tiptop shape. Since pulling out bras has made me more aware of how expensive bras are, I decided it would be best to focus on gathering tips on proper care and handling of bras, rather than the usual finding-the-right-size-for-you pointers. Here, nuggets of bra care wisdom culled from years of bra use and hours of research:

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  • Always read bra tags. They usually contain instructions on how to wash the bra properly.
  • If the tag is lacking in useful information or missing all together, stay on the safe side and wash your bras by hand. Use cold water to prevent shrinkage and mild hand soap or detergent.
  • Wash your bras often (but not everyday) to reduce the likelihood of damage from body oils.
  • Overwearing your bra will make it lo6se its form and structure. If there are wrinkles on the cup, if it rides up your back, or if the straps slip off your shoulders, you'll know it's time to retire it.
  • Replace your bras at least every two years.

Of course, all the different bras available in the market have corresponding purposes. Find out what you need (for working out, to wear under your super plunging LBD, etc.), then make a truly worthy investment on a good, sturdy bra. Shower it with tender love and care, and it'll serve you well. I guarantee you that owning a good bra will be like having a huge weight lifted off your chest. And, I'm not just trying to be funny...

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