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OMG! This ~Aesthetic~ Laptop Will Help You Stay Productive Wherever You Go

Keep up with your tasks in style!
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Every creative knows the value of a powerful computer. Whether you’re a content creator, video or photo editor, or digital artist, your computer can make or break the quality of your work, dictate how fast and efficient you work, and influence whether you can keep up with your deadlines.

So if a creative-friendly laptop is what you need, then look no further. Enter: MSI Creator Z16, a powerful, on-the-go laptop that caters to your needs as a creator. Here’s how this reader’s choice award-winning laptop can help you create your masterpieces anywhere, any time, in style!

It’s a high-performance laptop designed for long hours and heavy workloads.

MSI was primarily a gaming brand for more than 30 years. After mastering the best-performing hardware, MSI is translating this knowledge into laptops tailored for digital content creators and lifestyle users. The award-winning MSI Creator Z16 can efficiently handle heavy materials like extra-large 3D models and 8K HDR Raw Video, thanks to its high-performance processor (Intel 12th Gen Core i9) and advanced graphics (GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs).

And it looks good, too!

Tech meets aesthetic in the gorgeous MSI Creator Z16 laptop. It has rounded edges, it’s made with CNC aluminum, and it has a laser-etched logo. You can also change the keyboard's backlight color to whatever color you want!

Watch content and work on your creations on a responsive touch screen.

Work with this creator’s laptop’s touch screen as you would on your smartphone, thanks to its touch screen with a fast 120HZ refresh rate. Pinch to zoom or fast scroll when creating or watching content. You also get 11% more screen real estate with its 16:10 ratio screen and thin bezels.

Enjoy a pixel-accurate and color-accurate display that lets you catch every detail of your work.

Watch content and envision your artistic works on this laptop’s rich and vibrant display. Create better content with a screen that lets you see accurate details and colors of your work, thanks to its QHD+ resolution, DCI-P3 100% color-gamut, Delta E < 2 out of the box accuracy, and True Color technology.

It has a 180-degree hinge with a flip share feature.

If you’re working on a project with someone and you want to present to them your work or ideas on your screen, lay out your laptop’s monitor until it’s flat on the table then click on flip share.

Work with a world-class sound system.

Good audio is a must for any creative! The MSI Creator Z16 comes with four stereo speakers supplied by world-class Dynaudio sound systems. You can also create immersive auditory sensations with full, deep bass and crisp vocals using the Speaker Tuning Engine.

Work on the go freely since your laptop has a long battery life and fast charging.

Work wherever inspiration takes you! The MSI Creator Z16 has a long battery life (90 Watt-hour battery) and fast charging, so it’s made for working on the go.

Enjoy a stable wireless connection and many connectivity options.

A stable internet connection is essential. Good thing the MSI Creator Z16 offers the latest generation of WiFi (Wifi 6E), which has better speed and lower latency. It also has more ability to share connections with other devices. Among its connectivity options are two Thunderbolt 4 ports, two Type-A USB-3 ports, and a micro sd card slot.

A great laptop is a worthy investment. So when the time comes to upgrade your current laptop, the MSI Creator Z16 that’s tailored for content creators is a worthy machine to consider.

To know more about MSI Creator Z16, visit MSI’s official website, Lazada and Shopee stores, and follow MSI Philippines on Facebook.

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