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One Week Bucket List: 7 15-Minute Activities To Do On Your Free Time

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Got 15-minutes to spare? Why not make a bucket list that you can actually tick off in seven days? Experts say that setting small, achievable goals can help make your mind sharper, your focus clearer, and your day a lot more purposeful. Here's a week-long list you might wanna try to accomplish:

Monday: Get crafty in your cube

While your boss is having coffee, do your own nail art with a quick-dry nail polish, so you can go straight to work right after!  

Tuesday: Adopt something alive

Try leaving the office early to visit a shelter for stray pets. Who knows? You might just meet you next big love! If you're not into animals (or you can't bring one home because you're allergic or your house rules don't allow it), try buying small potted plants that you can actually keep alive in your cube or your bedroom. 

Wednesday: Window shop

Indulge in some serious post-work window shopping at a nearby mall or home depot. It's a cheap way to unwind and exercise at the same time.

Thursday: Take a scenic route to work

Get up extra early so you can try out a new route. This will take your mind off your worries at work and keep you focused on what's happening in the present.

Friday: Sell something online

Sell a piece from your old toy collection, or get rid of your school books and magazine archives. Then have fun writing a creative description and RFS (Reason For Selling, ICYDK) for people to read!

Saturday: Write a letter to an editor

Read a fine piece on print or online lately? Take a few minutes to email or write down your thoughts about the article to the editors of your ~favorite~ magazine or website and you might just see your name on the next issue. PS. We do love receiving letters...

Sunday: Bury a time capsule

Keep some memorabilia from this year (coins, letters, printed social media posts that show the kind of lifestyle you're living, etc.) in a box and stow it away. If burying is too #dramatic for you, cover it in tape and hide it under your bed, vowing never to open it until after xx amount of years.

Do these activities over a bag of your favorite snack and make it your personal #PiattosTime! Get more ideas for quick and fun-filled activities on the Piattos Facebook page.

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