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Online Bedside Astrologer: Chinese Zodiac Love And Sex Forecast For 2010

01/31/1900 - 02/18/1901 (Metal)
02/18/1912 - 02/05/1913 (Water)
02/05/1924 - 01/24/1925 (Wood)
01/24/1936 - 02/10/1937 (Fire)
02/10/1948 - 01/28/1949 (Earth)
01/28/1960 - 02/14/1961 (Metal)
02/15/1972 - 02/02/1973 (Water)
02/02/1984 - 02/19/1985 (Wood)
02/19/1996 - 02/06/1997 (Fire)
02/07/2008 - 01/25/2009 (Earth)

What's In Store For You In 2010:
As the Metal year brings the material side of life into focus, you may be a little too eager to stay on top in life, even in the romantic and sexual realm. Your assiduous drive for love and sex may be quite powerful, but you may also concentrate this passion on other areas, like business, politics and so forth. You have the capability to use your sexual appeal as a weapon, which may actually be useful, but may make others call you manipulative. A whole lot of money may be spent on bettering yourself, your appearance or even your popularity, like beauty products, fitness sessions, or social events. Attracting a special someone may come as no problem to you.

2/19/1901 - 2/7/1902 (Metal)
2/6/1913 - 1/25/1914 (Water)
1/25/1925 - 2/12/1926 (Wood)
2/11/1937 - 1/30/1938 (Fire)
1/29/1949 - 2/16/1950 (Earth)
2/15/1961 - 2/4/1962 (Metal)
2/3/1973 - 1/22/1974 (Water)
2/20/1985 - 2/8/1986 (Wood)
2/7/1997 - 1/27/1998 (Fire)
1/26/2009 - 2/13/2010 (Earth)

What's In Store For You In 2010:
You may have a tendency to feel such intense emotions this year, even though you're known as a calm and collected person. Intense love, jealousy, and hatred are all likely if given sufficient cause. There may be many antagonists ready to cross your path this year. It won't be easy talking to someone about problems in the bedroom concerning sex and other matters, but it won't do any good to keep them quiet and forget about them while you go out and attend events. Material possessions may soothe your spirit, so a romantic partner that's capable of giving you these things is great in your book.

02/08/1902 to 01/28/1903 (Water)
01/26/1914 to 02/13/1915 (Wood)
02/13/1926 to 02/01/1927 (Fire)
01/31/1938 to 02/18/1939 (Earth)
02/17/1950 to 02/05/1951 (Metal)
02/05/1962 to 01/24/1963 (Water)
01/23/1974 to 02/10/1975 (Wood)
02/09/1986 to 01/28/1987 (Fire)
01/28/1998 to 02/15/1999 (Earth)
02/14/2010 to 02/02/2011 (Metal)

What's In Store For You In 2010:
This is your year, Tiger! But love for you may become like a drug that you so desperately need. This year, you may need love as a vital fuel for inspiration, projects, or business deals. There may be a clash involving which is more important: love or money and the pleasures it can bring. In a relationship, you may demand more than what you're prepared to give. It may be difficult for you and a romantic partner to reach an agreement or a solution during private, intimate talks, as you may have a tendency to close your ears to ugly truths about yourself. Try not to let anything inhibit yourself in the bedroom, as you're a risk-taker outside of it.

01/29/1903 to 02/15/1904 (Water)
02/14/1915 to 02/02/1916 (Wood)
02/02/1927 to 01/22/1928 (Fire)
02/19/1939 to 02/07/1940 (Earth)
02/06/1951 to 01/26/1952 (Metal)
01/25/1963 to 02/12/1964 (Water)
02/11/1975 to 01/30/1976 (Wood)
01/29/1987 to 02/16/1988 (Fire)
02/16/1999 to 02/04/2000 (Earth)
02/03/2011 to 01/22/2012 (Metal)

What's In Store For You In 2010:

It's a year filled with many suitors. But unfortunately, work matters may play a more important role in your life, as the Metal element focuses more on money and other material possessions, which you may hoard away in your burrow. Although you're a naturally affectionate creature, you may have to be clever and cunning this year to fight off possible disappointments and setbacks in love. You won't be your usual patient self, especially with fussy, nagging lovers.


02/19/1904 to 02/03/1905 (Wood)
02/03/1916 to 01/22/1917 (Fire)
01/23/1928 to 02/09/1929 (Earth)
02/08/1940 to 01/26/1941 (Metal)
01/27/1952 to 02/13/1953 (Water)
02/13/1964 to 02/01/1965 (Wood)
01/31/1976 to 02/17/1977 (Fire)
02/17/1988 to 02/05/1989 (Earth)
02/05/2000 to 01/23/2001 (Metal)
01/23/2012 to 02/09/2013 (Water)

What's In Store For You In 2010:
You may try too hard to seek a relationship this year if you're single. Unlike money, which you work hard to earn (and you may have many opportunities to do this), falling in love comes naturally. Don't force the issue. Coming on too strong may become a problem, which is a shame, since you're oozing with a lot of positive sex appeal. If work gets in the way of having a relationship or you've made it a substitute for romance, there's a possibility you'll pursue politics, campaigning, or joining an activist group. You'll handle family affairs with a masterful touch. Married Dragons may have more romance this year than the single ones.


02/04/1905 to 01/24/1906 (Wood)
01/23/1917 to 02/10/1918 (Fire)
02/10/1929 to 01/29/1930 (Earth)
01/27/1941 to 02/14/1942 (Metal)
02/14/1953 to 02/02/1954 (Water)
02/21/1965 to 01/20/1966 (Wood)
02/18/1977 to 02/06/1978 (Fire)
02/06/1989 to 01/26/1990 (Earth)
01/24/2001 to 02/11/2002 (Metal)
02/10/2013 to 01/30/2014 (Water)

What's In Store For You In 2010:
As there may be many ups and downs for you this year, a romantic partner that can tolerate your moods is a must. Your powerful sex drive needs to be carefully channeled this year to find the positive fulfillment in love you so deserve. Be careful about falling in love with love, as this could lead to disappointments (when you expect too much from a simple human being). Your emotions are fervent and intense, so jealousy may be quite common, especially since this year promises many social events. Although you're determined and focused in life, you may actually waver when it comes to romance. Sex thrills you, but so does transcending it. This can cause you to blow hot then cold with a lover, especially in the bedroom. You may need to strike a balance.

01/25/1906 to 02/12/1907 (Fire)
02/11/1918 to 01/31/1919 (Earth)
01/30/1930 to 02/16/1931 (Metal)
02/15/1942 to 02/04/1943 (Water)
02/03/1954 to 01/23/1955 (Wood)
01/21/1966 to 02/08/1967 (Fire)
02/07/1978 to 01/27/1979 (Earth)
01/27/1990 to 02/14/1991 (Metal)
02/12/2002 to 01/31/2003 (Water)
01/31/2014 to 02/18/2015 (Wood)

What's In Store For 2010:
This is a lucky year for you in all of life's aspects, including love! You are a cheerful and optimistic creature, and that's a great attitude to have, especially if love was unkind to you last year. The good thing about you is you don't lose hope so easily. This year promises many social events and adventurous escapades, which are perfect for meeting other bachelors or bachelorettes. On the outside, you're brimming with exuberance, which could also be a facade for a few insecurities. Don't be afraid to show a lover your vulnerable side. Single Horses may have more luck this year than married ones, as singles have more freedom to roam and play. Still, married Horses may have their share of luck, but their popularity may leave little time for private life, which may be the number one cause for conflict in their married life.

02/13/1907 to 02/01/1908 (Fire)
02/01/1919 to 02/19/1920 (Earth)
02/17/1931 to 02/05/1932 (Metal)
02/05/1943 to 01/24/1944 (Water)
01/24/1955 to 02/11/1956 (Wood)
02/09/1967 to 01/29/1968 (Fire)
01/28/1979 to 02/15/1980 (Earth)
02/15/1991 to 02/03/1992 (Metal)
02/01/2003 to 01/21/2004 (Water)
02/19/2015 to 02/07/2016 (Wood)

What's In Store For You In 2010:
You enjoy staying in your social circle, but after a while, familiarity may breed contempt. With the number of events and wild parties in store for you this year, it may actually be better for you to meet an attractive outsider in the field of romance, as this person can bring you a new optimistic outlook and perspective. He can also provide a challenge to keep you on your toes. If your current relationship is getting dull, the Year of the Tiger promises excitement--but both in a positive and negative way. It may be up to you to add spice in the bedroom, as outings and excursions may become more exciting than your partner's sexual approach.

02/02/1908 to 01/21/1909 (Earth)
02/20/1920 to 02/07/1921 (Metal)
02/06/1932 to 01/25/1933 (Water)
01/25/1944 to 02/12/1945 (Wood)
02/12/1956 to 01/30/1957 (Fire)
01/29/1968 to 02/16/1969 (Earth)
02/16/1980 to 02/04/1981 (Metal)
02/04/1992 to 01/22/1993 (Water)
01/22/2004 to 02/08/2005 (Wood)
02/08/2016 to 01/27/2017 (Fire)

What's In Store For You In 2010:
There may be many flings this year, but you may not have any inclination to settle down. Even if you do, you may regret your decision once you've tied the knot. Marriage may appear to you as a sparkly piece of treasure that you must have; and once you've obtained it, you may not know what to do with it. It could feel like a prison once in a while. Married Monkeys can have more fun when their children are all grown up and can be left alone. Singles may find 2010 a year filled with many thrilling social events and sexy infatuations. A very responsible and patient romantic partner who's not jealous and possessive is a must for you.

01/22/1909 to 02/09/1910 (Earth)
02/08/1921 to 01/27/1922 (Metal)
01/26/1933 to 02/13/1934 (Water)
02/13/1945 to 02/01/1946 (Wood)
01/31/1957 to 02/17/1958 (Fire)
02/17/1969 to 02/05/1970 (Earth)
02/05/1981 to 01/24/1982 (Metal)
01/23/1993 to 02/09/1994 (Water)
02/09/2005 to 01/28/2006 (Wood)
01/28/2017 to 02/15/2018 (Fire)

What's In Store For You In 2010:
It may be a busy time for you this Metal Tiger year, with many events, trips, and expenses. Your sex drive is powerful, but you'll be able to focus it on other things, like career, sports, politics, or even intense emotions like anger. You may have a selfish streak this year, being more interested in your own needs and self-image than that of your romantic partner. Many people admire you, and you definitely like the attention. Although you may not have any trouble finding romance, pure, unselfish love may be evasive; you may not be able to grab and hold on to it this year. Married life may have you spending more time with your friends than with your spouse. Singles, on the other hand, may feel more comfortable with flings than being in a serious and heavy romantic relationship.

02/10/1910 to 01/29/1911 (Metal)
01/28/1922 to 02/15/1923 (Water)
02/14/1934 to 02/03/1935 (Wood)
02/02/1946 to 01/21/1947 (Fire)
02/18/1958 to 02/07/1959 (Earth)
02/06/1970 to 01/26/1971 (Metal)
01/25/1982 to 02/12/1983 (Water)
02/10/1994 to 01/30/1995 (Wood)
01/29/2006 to 02/17/2007 (Fire)
02/16/2018 to 02/04/2019 (Earth)

What's In Store For You In 2010:
2010 is a very lucky year for Dogs! Your splendid good humor and outstanding manner are very good traits to have when dealing with great obstacles in relationships. Still, ego may play a big role this year, and you'll need constant flattery from your significant other to keep you in the mood for romance. Parties and good fun may be in store. If you're single, gather your courage and join a group. A calm, peaceful, serious romantic relationship is just your cup of tea, and this year promises an opportunity to test the waters of one. See if you like it. Married Dogs may have short separations from their spouses, probably due to work or important events out-of-town or even overseas.

02/16/1923-02/04/1924 (Water)
02/04/1935-01/23/1936 (Wood)
01/22/1947-02/09/1948 (Fire)
02/08/1959-01/27/1960 (Earth)
01/27/1971-02/15/1972 (Metal)
02/13/1983-02/01/1984 (Water)
01/31/1995-02/18/1996 (Wood)
02/18/2007-02/06/2008 (Fire)
02/05/2019-01/24/2020 (Earth)

What's In Store For You 2010:
This may be a rather neutral year for romance. You may focus more on your career, especially if it has something to do with politics, government, or helping the community. There may be many meetings and events concerning this. Married Pigs may find more meaning in hobbies and pastimes than married life itself, especially if the marriage has lasted a long time. You may need to spice things up to add flavor to it. Singles may be drawn to intellectual partners, but securing an emotional tie with someone special may be a bit difficult. You're willing to work hard to make the relationship work. However, you may need to strike a balance between love and your career.
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