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This Facebook Group Lets You Buy Canceled Orders From Food Delivery Riders

Save our food delivery guys and say no to canceled orders.

Recently, a photo of a Grab Food delivery guy went viral after he was seen crying while eating the food he was supposed to deliver but was canceled by a customer. Because of that viral photo, a new Facebook group was put up: Order Hero.

Photo by FACEBOOK/MeAnn Ortiz.

What is Order Hero?

Order Hero is a public Facebook group where riders of Food Panda, Grab, LalaMove, and Angkas can post their canceled food orders for anyone in the group to buy. It is a way to save the efforts and money of riders whose original customers canceled on them.


As of writing, the group has over 3,000 members and is growing fast. The group is also responsible for the trending tag #NoToCancelledOrders. The following are messages of gratitude from food delivery riders.

Photo by Si Lawrence, Facebook.
Photo by Mark Joseph Legaspi.
Photo by Sean Patrick Venancio.
Photo by Gerald Kosa, Facebook.

Grab's Statement on Cancellations

On March 30, Grab released a statement regarding cancellation of orders. Read their  full statement below. 

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"We feel the love and care of everyone for our GrabFood delivery heroes. We are thankful that during these trying times, most of us prioritize the welfare of our partners who go out to keep us safe and deliver our essential needs.

We are one with our community in ensuring that their income is protected. Hence, we would like to remind everyone that GrabFood's system does not allow orders to be cancelled once delivery-partners have placed the order at the restaurant. In the event of no-shows—wherein the customer refuses to meet the delivery-partner to claim the order—GrabFood has a reimbursement policy in place. Delivery-partners just need to submit proof such as GrabChat messages and transaction receipts online in order to get full reimbursement.

We continue to be on the lookout and curb irresponsible behaviour on the GrabFood platform. Frequent no-shows face permanent account suspension."