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People Are Wrong: Barbie Can Be A Good Influence To Girls Too!

Well, she does have more than a hundred careers. Just saying.

Barbie has been criticized many times about her body. Specifically how she's made girls think that they have to be tall and skinny to be beautiful like her. There were people who did the math and saw that if Barbie were a real person, she wouldn't even be able to stand like we can. (It's not much of a revelation since the doll can't really stand on her own anyway.) And that's because she's all out of proportion, with a head too big, her bust too wide, her torso too small, and her legs too thin for the rest of her body parts together.

But let's face it: Barbie isn't the only one to be blamed for the body image most girls consider to be the only one beautiful and covetable today. Our mothers' attitude about the female body have the greatest influence, since they're the ones who teach their daughters whether or not they should believe what fashion and diet industries tell everyone. (Not that we should be blaming our moms now.)

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The point is many people have given the doll so much hate for how she looks, that they fail to see her merits—Barbie's merits. She has more than 150 careers. She's a surgeon, an astrophysicist, a gymnastics coach, a firefighter, the president, a military officer, among many others. And when a kid plays any of those 150 different Barbies, that kid is holding any of those 150 careers in her imagination. Want proof? Watch this:

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Isn't it great that a child then becomes open to so many possibilities or options of what she can do in life?

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