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According To A Study, Having A Dog Can Make You Live Longer

Having A Dog Can Make You Live Longer, According To Study
PHOTO: Instagram/pandaongpaocoescudero

We're pretty much all already in agreement that dogs are amazing. Not only have we confirmed that your dog will always try to save you, but now they're possibly even making you live longer. A new study says you're 24 percent less likely to die early thanks to your furry friend.

    The study, published in the American Heart Association's journal Circulation, says that owning a dog lowers "risk reduction for all-cause mortality." That's compared to people that don't have dogs. Data from 3.8 million people from all over the world was analyzed to come up with the astonishing benefit of dog ownership.

    Sure, dogs provide plenty of emotional support (petting a dog already lowers blood pressure). But, another part of the boost for human's life expectancy comes with physical exercise.

    "Several studies have shown that acquiring a dog perforce increases physical exercise (as anyone who has unsuccessfully tried to sleep past the time of a dog's routine morning walk can attest)," says co-author and cardiologist Dr. Dhruv Kazi, MD.

      "The most salient benefits of dog ownership on cardiovascular outcomes are likely mediated through large and sustained improvements in mental health, including lower rates of depression, decreased loneliness, and increased self-esteem," Dr. Kazi added.

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