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Pia Wurtzbach Defends The LGBTQ Community: ‘Live And Let Live’

'My liberal opinions on many social issues sometimes conflict with Christianity's teachings.'
PHOTO: Instagram/piawurtzbach

Throughout her reign, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach was always vocal about how much she supports gender equality.

Last year, in an interview with Inquirer, Pia said, “I’m very thankful. I’m a representative of everybody now, not just the women, but everybody. I don’t consider myself as being leaning more towards women. I think there should be equality for everybody, for all genders, even men, and everybody in between.” 

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Recently, Pia wrote an opinion piece for Motto, TIME Magazine’s newest website, about how she bridges the gap between being a Christian and an ally:

“My younger sister and I were raised by a single mother in Cagayan de Oro, a multi-ethnic environment and burgeoning city in the southern part of the Philippines that has earned the moniker ‘City of Golden Friendship.’ My hometown serves as the gateway to Mindanao, the country’s second biggest island and home to people of many different religions and backgrounds. Growing up in such a diverse culture taught me the virtue of acceptance early in life and made me recognize that tolerance should be the norm, not the exception.

I am proud that the Philippines is every day becoming a more tolerant community; however, my liberal opinions on many social issues sometimes conflict with Christianity’s teachings.

I myself owe a lot to the LGBTQ community, many of whom are my closest friends. Without their accepting attitudes toward my own flaws and struggles, I would not be where I am today. But while we are beginning to see the seeds of change in the Catholic Church, the LGBTQ community in the Philippines doesn’t yet enjoy equal rights.”

Pia ended with, “Perhaps my non-traditional family unit allowed me to accept others’ differences without judgment and has made me proud to advocate for LGBTQ rights as a Christian. In fact, I find the strength to do just that through my faith. Undoubtedly, there will continue to be times when my faith and secular opinions clash, but in those moments, I find comfort in an old saying: ‘Live and let live.’”

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