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This Plantita Covered Her Windows With Plants And It Looks So Pretty

This mini home improvement project is beautiful!
PHOTO: instagram/theunfurlingnest

All plants need a bit of sunlight in order to thrive. Unfortunately, not all spaces are blessed with bright windows—such was the case for this plantita's home. "I don't have enough natural light coming into my living room," Blance, the owner of plant shop The Unfurling Nest, shares with Real Living. Her solution? "[During the quarantine], I decided to ditch [my] curtains so my plants can get all the light they need to thrive." And she didn't stop from there! 

With the help of her dad, Blance covered up her windows with hanging wooden shelves, where she displayed her light-loving plants. "The shelves were lovingly custom-made for me by my handyman dad."

This plant rack is super aesthetic! instagram/theunfurlingnest
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She mostly filled the shelves with different types of philodendron, a decorative trailing plant that grows beautiful heart-shaped leaves. 

With this kind of setup, though, Blance notes that the plants will be thirstier. "I noticed that my shelf plants need more watering now that they are placed beside the window. So, we repotted them and used a medium that is well draining (this is to prevent root rot) but can also hold moisture at the same time. Misting and using humidifiers [can] help keep the plants looking perky and happy, too!"

These plants add a cute touch of greenery and can act as decor against plainer backdrops! instagram/theunfurlingnest
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To keep water from spilling all over her couch, Blance opts for "bottom watering and/or using catch plates when it’s watering time." She alloted some space between her window and her sofa, too!