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WATCH: This Pinay Student Shares What It's Like To Move To South Korea During A Pandemic

Shaine Hong describes how life has been like as a freshman at Korea University.
Pinay shares what it's like to move to South Korea during a pandemic

As an incoming freshman at Korea University, 20-year-old Pinay Shaine Hong had to fly out to South Korea in the middle of a pandemic to start her semester. Moving to another country during an ongoing health crisis is already difficult as it is. Dealing with the paperwork that comes with it while the city is under strict quarantine protocols adds a whole new set of challenges into the equation.

Now, Shaine is a few months into her new life in Seoul. She has been documenting her experiences on her YouTube channel ever since she made the move from the Philippines to South Korea. So far, so good, but getting there has been a challenge. From accomplishing the necessary paperwork (during quarantine, mind you!) to getting settled in a new country (and finding out what K-dramas are getting right about the lifestyle in South Korea), watch this video to find out what Shaine's experience has been like:

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