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This Online Shop Will Cater To *All* Your Pink Plant Needs

Check Out This Shop That Sells All Your Pink Plant Needs
PHOTO: Instagram/plantsandpotsmnl

We know we aren't the only ones on a constant hunt for our next pink plant purchase. And fortunately for us, the best finds are always right under our noses and best of all, available online.

Case in point: Plants and Pots MNL, a local online store that's dedicated to satisfying all your pink plant-related needs. Their range includes syngoniums, big pink calladiums, pin-stripe calatheas, pink anthuriums, fittonias, and many more. All you need to do is take your pick! 

Check out their selection below:



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You can shop their plants in matching pink pots, too, because who doesn't love a good monochrome look?

If you're already brainstorming for the holidays, their plant and pot combos make for an amazing gift idea.

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For more information, visit Plants and Pots MNL's Instagram.

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